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Bird Watching Tips

Back to Nature: 5 Bird Watching Tips For Your Garden

If you enjoy seeing birds coming to your garden to feed, collect nesting materials, drink or bathe or, if you are lucky enough, raise their young then you could make bird watching a new hobby. You may think that bird watching involves knowing your stuff, heading out to dedicated wildlife havens, spending all day inside a hidden hut but honestly, you can bird watch anywhere and the more you can attract them to your garden, the more you will be helping the eco-system in your area. By providing the birds with good food, shelter, water and safety, you should be rewarded with a wide variety of species visiting meaning you can enjoy them without having to leave your home. Here are our 5 bird watching tips so that you can observe nature from your garden.

Good Location

When you start bird watching it is a given that you’ll need a good location to do this from, whether that be the kitchen window, a balcony, an upstairs Velux window or out in the garden itself. If you really want to get up close and immerse yourself in their little world, a garden room would make for the perfect location from which to watch their antics. With plenty of windows and bi-fold doors, you should be able to get a great view without disturbing the birds plus you will be able to stay warm and comfortable. A garden room that is surrounded by shrubbery, sweet-smelling flowers, trees and grass will easily attract birds around it giving you well, a birds-eye view!


A good pair of binoculars is essential for spotting those birds who may be a little shyer, are flying above the garden or to spot the youngster in their nest. You don’t have to spend a fortune when you start out but do shop around and check reviews carefully.

Bird Watching Tips

Listen out

Bird watching isn’t all about seeing them, you can also enjoy learning to listen out for their distinctive calls. Once you can identify birds by their sounds you will start to understand their behaviour a little better, you will be able to listen out for who will be swooping down next and you will get a good idea of the varieties of birds in your local area.

Take notes

You should also get into the habit of keeping a bird watching diary so you can track the types visiting, times of day, times of year and their behaviours.

Snap away

And our last of the bird watching tips; take pictures if you can get the chance. Keeping a visual record is useful to refer to and it also means if you can’t identify a bird at that very moment you can look it up on the internet afterwards. You could also print your photos to keep in your note-taking diary and create a really useful set of notes that could well come in handy for organisations such as the RSPB when they are looking for bird research.

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