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11 Exciting Ways To Brighten Up Your Garden Building

Has your garden building seen better days? Has it all become a little bit dull and lacklustre? Have you been considering an overhaul? Then you’re in luck because we have 11 fantastic ways to brighten up your garden building which will hopefully make your garden space a much more colourful and happier place!

Lick of Paint

If the outside of your garden building is a bit weathered the best place to start would be to brighten it all up with a lick of paint. For wooden surfaces we recommend sanding it down, removing any old paint, any mould or mildew, painting it in a good all year weatherproof paint and then adding a sealant to further help the colour to stay. For rendered walls, you can power wash any dirt and grime away and again choose a good paint to use. Of course, how you paint it is completely up to you, how about bright and bold stripes? Or a wall mural? Maybe soft pastels are more to your taste? You can just let your creative juices flow.


If you enjoy seeing brightly coloured signs why not cover the front of your garden building in them? Vintage, retro, inspirational quotes, funny statements, names of streets, whatever your taste is you could create a wonderful personal statement by using a variety of signs.

Window Boxes

We always think that a garden building should have a place for flowers and plants and window boxes create such a stunning look. Why not have a go at making your own by using decking wood? It gives such a nice effect with the slats and it will take any colour paint you like too!

Fairy Lights

To add some evening light but in a pretty and magical way, why not dress your garden building up in fairy lights? Solar lights would work wonders as you would always get that evening glow without having to use up electricity or by accommodating any extra wires. 


For more plant and flower display ideas, how about giving a new life to some old crates? You could paint each in a different colour and attach them to the wall to create an interesting box display for your greenery.

Bird Boxes and Bug Houses

Bring nature closer by adding colourfully painted bird boxes and bug houses to the side of your garden building. Surround these with climber plants such as Rose, Passion Flowers, Honeysuckle and so on which will help to give them protection from predators and will also attract them to their new home.

Birdbox brighten up your garden building

Stain Glass Windows

To add a bit of the wow factor to your garden building, why not think about changing some of the windows… to stain glass windows!! Imagine the beauty, imagine the light pouring through those colours, it would just be such a beautiful touch. 


We often only think about adding mirrors to the interior of our home in order to get some extra light, but it works just as well in a garden. Mirrors that are cleverly placed on walls or fences can reflect that light to create the illusion of space, of brightness and can really draw the eye and create a gorgeous focal point. Mirrors on the outside of your garden building will help to brighten the entire space and will look pretty at the same time.

Upcycle Old Furniture

To give your garden building a bright yet interesting new look, first take a look around your home for any furniture you may not need to use in the house anymore. By painting old chests of drawers, bookcases, chairs or dressers you could create bespoke pieces for very little money and have the funkiest of items on the decking/entrance area. 

Plant/Flower Roof

Not only will a plant or flower roof make a bold statement, but it will also help with the drainage of rainwater as well as attract plenty of wildlife to the garden. It’s a win all around! You can actually purchase rolls of turf with wildflower seeds already planted inside, so it’s made as simple as possible for anybody to achieve. 

Brighten Up The Inside Too

And don’t forget the inside! Your colour scheme from inside will also be seen through the windows from the outside and could either match or be a clashing contrast to make a bigger impact. When you open those garden building doors you want the wow from the outside to transcend to the interior too. Think big, bold cushions, fluffy rugs, plants hanging from the walls, continue that upcycled furniture look, basically dress to impress. 

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