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business in modern garden room

Start-Up Your Own Business With A Modern Garden Room

Starting up your own business may seem exciting yet daunting at the same time. The change, the step in a new direction, the financial costs, the start-up costs, location… But this last one may be simpler to cover than you may first realise. Instead of traipsing around studio or office space comparing rental prices, why not build your very own workspace in your garden? A modern garden room is the perfect solution for all of your business needs. 

No Rent!

Surely this is the biggest pro for any start-up? Yes, you’ll have to pay upfront for a garden room to be built, but once it is there, it is yours to keep. No money trickling away from you. This is a long-term investment which will pay you back once your business takes off!

business in modern garden room

No Commute

No early morning start (unless you choose to, of course), no traffic jams, packed trains, waiting on a cold platform and so on. You can walk straight out of your back door and be at your office within moments. Then at the end of the day be home in record time.


A business in a modern garden room will still look professional which is perfect if you need to hold regular client meetings. Think about signposting out the front of your home and if you have a side path or gate, turn this into your entrance to your business. You will probably want to avoid people traipsing in and out of your home in the day plus you want to keep work and personal life separate.


Whatever your business, the modern garden room can accommodate it. Dance teacher? Your garden room could easily be kitted out with a sprung floor, music system, wall to wall mirrors. Woodwork room? Of course! With electrical points for tools, plenty of floor space for workbenches to sit on, windows for ventilation. Office work? Yep, again with electrical points for all of your office equipment, a light and airy environment with bi-fold doors, toilet and shower room if you wish. Plus all garden rooms can be used all year round as they are fully insulated. There’s going to be very little that you could make yours into. 

Start-Up Your Own Business With A Modern Garden Room

Flexible Working

Working so close to home will mean that you will always be on hand if anything ever arises. It may even mean that you can work more evenings than daytimes if that works out more convenient, you can break for the school run, you could chop and change your hours and have a far more suitable work/life balance going on. 

Ideal Working Environment

From the moment that you choose a modern garden room for your business, you can plan this build to suit your every need meaning you will end up with the ideal working environment. By letting your point of contact know what your business is, what would be beneficial to you, discussing how much natural light you’d like, whether you need added extras, what specialist points you require, you will be building a room that will be designed specifically to benefit your working life.

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