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choosing the right garden room

Choosing The Right Garden Room

In recent years, garden rooms have become more and more popular and sales are on the increase and it’s not hard to see why. Not only do they make an interesting feature in your garden, but they can also provide you with a home-based office, a room for a hobby, extra storage space, a dining area as well as add value to your property. The facts speak for themselves but how do you go about choosing the right garden room for you? Here are our important factors when it comes to planning and shopping around for your build…

Planning Permission

The first and probably the most important areas to consider are going to be how large you want your garden room to be and the location it will take in your outdoor space. Standard garden rooms usually don’t need any planning permission as they fall under the appropriate development rules under class E. 

The most important factors for this are:

1) That the garden room is no higher than 2.5m from the bottom of the building to the top of the roof (if within 2m of the boundary)

2) That you do not take up more than 50% of your garden area with this or any other buildings

3) It is not to be used for living or sleeping accommodation

If you know that your plans will exceed this, you will need to speak to your council and most probably apply for planning permission.

When speaking to companies it is vital that you discuss size and location with them and any areas that may cause potential issues, for example, overhanging branches from a tree. Choosing the perfect spot in the garden may take a little thought and planning but take your time with this to make sure that you get it right. 

Seller Credibility

Before you settle on the very first garden room seller you find, do your research. You are perfectly in your right to ring around several businesses, to talk to them about what they can offer, even arrange meetings before you fully commit to hiring them. Ensure that you check out any online reviews and compare these to what their website or Facebook pages state. If they have a gallery of previous work with owners testimonies this can really help you to see if their builds are up to scratch. 

You will also want to check their ratings on customer service. You want a company that are not only reliable and who will deliver what they promise but who can also be approachable, warm and willing to answer all of your questions. 

Compare Prices

Choosing the right garden room comes with one big factor– the price! Comparing prices between the sellers you have found will give you a clearer indication of what you can expect. If somebody is offering the same quality of work with knocked down prices, why is this? Cheaper does not always mean better and in a case like this, it could result in extra costs further down the line. Ask for a breakdown of what supplies, timber, labour and so on will cost you and you could even then compare this to if you were going to build your own garden room to see if it is worth the costs they are putting in front of you. A reputable company will be more than happy to discuss all of this in detail with you.

Quality of the Timber

Whilst speaking to the garden room company about costs, also check the quality of their timber and if they come with the fsc promise. You want to ensure that your wood is not only going to last the test of time, that it isn’t going to rot or allow in damp and that your build will also be giving back to the environment. On top of this, also ask about the treatment of the wood, what they can guarantee for you and whether or not you need to tend to this yourself either immediately after the build or later on down the line. 


Insulation is an important factor when it comes to the construction of your garden room and to save you time and hassle, you ideally want a company who can provide this as standard within their packages. Your garden room will want to be functional all year round and the only way this is going to be possible is by having sufficient insulation installed in the walls and roof and even the floor if you wish. 

Windows and Doors

The quality of your windows and doors is paramount as these will also help with insulating your garden room. Double glazing should be offered as standard but if the company can offer you triple glazing this will really improve on the overall feel inside the building. The last thing you want to be doing is having to employ another company to install your windows. This will not only cost you more it could also hold up your build. Look for a company who can do this for you too.

choosing the right garden room

Build Choices

From summer houses to large sheds, contemporary rooms to log cabins, the style and designs available can be vast and being able to have a choice is a luxury. When looking around for a company, you’ll need to check what that can offer you and also whether they can do bespoke builds too. If you have a clear idea of what you want, it is important to find a company who can not only understand your needs but also one who can fully meet those. 


All garden rooms should come with some sort of warranty or guarantee and this needs to be one of your questions asked during your company research too. You need that guarantee in writing and feel free to have it checked over by a solicitor if you are unsure of any areas. A garden build is a big investment and you want to feel secure that if anything goes wrong that it can be rectified within a particular time frame.

Choosing the right garden room and the right company is so important but by following these pointers and considering these aspects you should feel more confident in going about taking that next step.

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