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Don't Suffer This Summer: How To Make Cool Garden Rooms

Don’t Suffer This Summer: How To Make Cool Garden Rooms

With heatwaves on the horizon and temperatures rising year on year, many of us are looking to invest in cool garden rooms to relax in. We all love to get out of the house when the weather’s good, even if it’s just to enjoy our gardens, but occasionally the heat can get just a little too much for us. That’s when a little shady retreat really comes into its own. They’re especially useful for young children or elderly relatives who don’t want to miss out on all the outside fun, but may struggle when it’s particularly hot.

Cool Garden Rooms: The Essentials

It’s not quite enough to just provide a shady spot however. The hottest days can sometimes bring an oppressive heat that’s hard to avoid without some smart additions to your garden room. By adding just one of these suggestions to your outdoor setup, you’ll enjoy instant relief, and turn your garden room into a cooling oasis in even the hottest of summers.

Keep beverages cool with a mini fridge

Available in a huge array of different sizes, you’re bound to find a mini fridge to suit your cool garden room. From cheap four litre fridges that can accommodate a few cans for just you and your partner, to 66 litre units that are big enough to keep a barbecue party going, there’s a fridge for garden rooms of any size.

Most mini fridges have the added benefit of being extremely energy efficient compared to their larger counterparts, and are often inexpensive to buy too. The smallest examples can be had for around £20 and occasionally even less.

Don't Suffer This Summer: How To Make Cool Garden Rooms

The pros of using air cons

You may think that air conditioning units are the preserve of shops and offices, but smaller, more portable units can be ideal for cool garden rooms. Whether freestanding or mounted onto a wall, a small air conditioning unit will make a huge difference to the temperature of your outdoor building.

Not only will these cooling units help you to combat the summer heat, but many also feature air filters that can have beneficial effects for hayfever sufferers. With high pollen counts being at their most prevalent during the summer months, these units truly can make summer more bearable for those with pollen allergies.

If you’re open to spending a little bit more on your air conditioning unit, you can opt for a model that heats your garden room up in the colder months too, further extending the usefulness of your outside buildings.

Wow kids (and big kids) with a slushie machine

Everybody loves a slushie on a hot summer day. The good news is that you can enjoy them at home now too. Slushies are perfect for retreating to a cool garden room to enjoy when the heat becomes overpowering, and any kids in your family will go nuts for them.

It’s not just kids who enjoy a nice cooling slushie though, slushie cocktails always go down a storm at adult garden parties and barbeques. If your slushie machine is big enough, you can just leave it in your garden room for everyone to help themselves to. There’s no need to hunt for the industrial-sized machines that are usually found at soft play areas, there’s now a wealth of different machines designed specifically for use at home.

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