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Want a Cool Modern Garden Workspace? Here Are Some Fun Ideas

Want a Cool Modern Garden Workspace? Here Are Some Fun Ideas

A modern garden workspace is so versatile and often more budget friendly than expected. So, with working from home more popular than ever, it is no surprise that many people have taken the plunge and built offices of their own in their gardens.

If you’re looking to create a cool and modern garden workspace which is a fun and exciting environment, you can’t just have the usual desk and chair.

Here are some tips to bring your modern garden workspace to life!

A sit to stand desk

A desk is a must in any office but an electronic sit to stand desk is infinitely more cool, not to mention better for you and your back! They’re all the rage across Europe and very popular with people building their own offices at home

You can change the height at the press of a button without affecting the items on the desk which travel up and down smoothly, so you can work in both a seated and a standing position. Pretty nifty huh!

A bean bag chair

It’s good to have a chill out area in your office, for when you need some time away from the screen. Bean bags might have gone out of fashion but they’re back in again because – let’s face it – they’re versatile and fun! Available in dozens of bright colours they’re a more convenient alternative to a sofa, and great for a short period of relaxation between meetings. It can even be dragged outside easily so you can work in the sun, if you like!

Just don’t sit in one if you might have trouble getting out again!

A desk bike

Fancy a workspace which can give you a workout? Of course you do.

A desk bike has a desk to work at while you pedal away, burning calories and building up your leg muscles. I’m doing it right now! Super fun and cool, but again, good for you too – and a talking point for anyone visiting your office into the bargain, the desk bike could revolutionise the way you work completely, or just be something you hop on to several times a day for short spurts.

Want a Cool Modern Garden Workspace? Here Are Some Fun Ideas - Desk Bike

Cool prints

Decorating your workspace with cool wall art is a great way to personalise it. When you first move in, you may be surprised at just how much wall space you have – room for poster-sized prints, if that’s what you fancy. If you don’t particularly fancy art, framed pictures of family or friends or motivational quotes can also make your workspace yours.

A fish tank

A fish tank can be a really relaxing addition to a modern garden workspace if done right! If your modern garden workspace is properly insulated and doesn’t tend to overheat, then a fish tank might be a great fun addition.

Just make sure that you read up on the whole thing first, and take it slowly when adding the fish. Don’t overcrowd your tank or buy fish that will grow too big for it or – worse – eat each other, as that is the opposite of relaxing.

Don’t forget, fish are living creatures so you’ll have to put time aside every week to give it a clean; if that sounds a bit overwhelming maybe consider a lava lamp instead.

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