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Get a new look Ways to decorate a garden room for spring

Get a new look: Ways to decorate a garden room for spring

Many people neglect their garden rooms over winter; the lure of the outside isn’t as strong when there is snow settling in the garden and rain pelting against the windows, even if the garden building is fully insulated and has heating. However when spring is on its way, it might be time to decorate your garden room; here are some ideas!

How to decorate a garden room

A new coat of paint is always a great way to refresh or re-decorate a garden room, inside or out.

If you’re going to paint the outside, ensure that you have the right kind of paint which is sold especially for garden buildings and will stop damp getting to the timber. You will need to do this every few years as directed in order to take care of your garden room.

If it isn’t time for an external re-haul, how about decorating the inside of your garden room? To do this properly, remove the furniture and sand down any old paint before applying your new shade.

Get a new look Ways to decorate a garden room for spring

Spring is the perfect time for cool, pastel shades, light blues, yellows and sage green. Take a look at some perfect paint colours for spring here.

If painting the whole garden room is too much, then doing the back wall as a feature wall is an idea. Or if painting is a step too far, maybe consider one of the following easier and less labour intensive ways to decorate a garden room.

Bring the outside in with houseplants

Adding plants to your garden room will give it a lovely lift for springtime.

Get a new look Ways to decorate a garden room for spring

There are many advantages to having houseplants; they’re grounding, and green is a soothing colour which can boost your mood and help you to concentrate.

Plus, they’re pretty! Choose plants which don’t need constant attention; orchids may look lovely but they won’t fare well in a garden room which doesn’t have constant heat. Here is a list of some house plants to consider for your garden room.

Hang prints

The walls of modern garden rooms are insulated and perfect for adding prints or photographs. These can be pictures or even family portraits you’ve taken yourself or art you really like. Flowers are always a good choice for spring and pastel shade are particularly suitable for this time of year.

If you’re at all worried about damp or the risk of hanging expensive art in an outbuilding then aluminium prints are a long lasting and robust alternative to canvas or paper prints which look great on the walls.

Add soft furnishings

Spring can still be chilly, so adding chunky knit blankets and cushions will give your garden room a comfortable feel.

Depending on whether you use your garden building for work or pleasure, you might consider a small comfortable sofa with a footstool, or what about a soft new rug to keep your toes warm.


Spring is when it starts to stay lighter for longer but if you want to use your garden room during the evening, you will need light. One way that you can change the entire look of your garden room without having to redecorate is the lighting. Add a new funky lampshade, or perhaps buy standing lamps to illuminate dingy corners, or a new reading light for the desk.

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