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Tips on How to Design Your Own Summerhouse

Choosing from the many styles of garden rooms that are on the market can seem like a tough order. Do you already have something perfect in your mind but are looking for that compromise? Why compromise though? How about you design your own summerhouse and put your ideas into action?

Things to Consider When Designing Your Own Summerhouse

You may already have your ideal summerhouse etched in your brain but you will need to think about quite a few factors before finalising your design plans. We suggest that you think about:

design your own summerhouse
  • Location
  • Size
  • Type of wood
  • Colour schemes
  • Paint/varnish
  • Number of windows and doors
  • Flooring type
  • Insulation
  • Roof design
  • Heating
  • Lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Electricity/WiFi
  • Decking 

Put Those Ideas Down on Paper

In order to be able to tell a company what it is you desire, you will then need to put all of your design ideas down on paper. We would recommend by starting a list of wants, then making a list of must-haves, noting what your summerhouse will be used for right now and what it may be used for in the future, your budget and anything else that is important to you.

Next, sketch your summerhouse the best you can just to bring your design to life and to help a company envisage what you would like. If you check out our website, you will see that we offer a free, no-obligation 3D design tool which allows you to choose a style, add extras, alter colours, drag and drop the doors, windows and walls of your build and send us your dream summerhouse to look over prior to meeting.

design your own summerhouse Designing Your New Garden Lodges

And lastly, create a mood board with your dream colours, interior, exterior, plants, lighting, doors and windows etc.

Plot it in Your Garden

To gain a better perspective of what your summerhouse will look like in your garden, plot it out on the ground using tent pegs and string. This will immediately show you if your build is a little big for the area, it will help to decide which angle you’d prefer it to sit at and to also plan out where you’d like to put doors, windows and even the furniture. Spend some time doing this and have a play around with it. It’s best to change your mind now rather than further down the line.

Choose a Company

Your next course of action will be to do your research into which companies are available in your area and which can help you with your new design. Not all garden room companies are capable of offering this bespoke service so you want to get booked in with the right people from the off.

design your own summerhouse

Talk Through Your Design

Once you have made contact, you can book in a one to one session where you can fully discuss all of your designs and see if they are something that the company can do for you. Remember that they will always try their best to fulfil all of your needs but some factors may be taken out of their hands, for example, the location in the garden, sourcing the materials and so on. These are all things you will need to discuss, iron out and agree on.


The last steps are to finalise those design plans, agree to a timescale for the build and secure a deal with the company. You want your final plans to be exactly as you want them because changes during a build may not be possible if everything has been made to order for your bespoke build. Once your summerhouse designs are set in stone the construction team will be able to build your dream garden room.

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