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Dog proofing your garden

Six Tips For Dog Proofing Your Garden: They Can Co-Exist!

A garden is a must-have if you have dogs so that can be allowed out for a sniff and a wee whenever they need to. Who wants to have to walk around the block at 6.30am? However if you have a new garden, or are considering a new dog, then dog proofing your garden is an absolute must.

You want to be able to let your four legged friend out without fear of them getting hurt or injured, trampling your precious plants and flowers, without uprooting, or digging the soil – and no escaping next door!

Dog proofing your garden

It is important to analyse your garden from the perspective of your four legged pal – put yourself in their paws, and follow our tips to dog proofing your garden.

1) Make sure your garden has a secure fence

Dog proofing your garden just requires some practicality. Unless your dogs are tiny, or very old, you need to make sure that you have a a fence around the entire perimeter.

It needs to be tall enough to contain dogs that are super jumpy and energetic; they can often jump further than you think! Most experts would advice a six foot fence minimum; this also provides you with some privacy in your garden.

2) Be careful about the gaps below the fence

Puppies and smaller dog breeds might just dig their way down below into the soil and right out into the other side. Avoid fence designs that have gaps below. It should have panels that are sunk well into the soil and can’t be dug under by intelligent pups. An alternative is to dig down and install chicken wire beneath the soil. Planting spiky plants on the borders is also a good deterrent.

If you have a garden room, then you may need to use the same chicken wire or spiky plant technique to stop the dog digging underneath and causing a nuisance.

If your dog loves to dig, consider creating a soil mound for them to dog to their heart’s content and satisfy their primal digging instinct.

3) Section off the garden

If you are a keen gardener with really prized flowers or plants, consider sectioning off your garden with another fence and gate to have a specific section just for your dog, and a part for your hobby. You can’t really be too sure with mischievous pet dogs.

Dog proofing your garden

4) Shut the gate!

Remind everyone in the household to properly close the gate every time they get in or out or they run the risk of the dogs running loose and trampling over everything.

If you are the only one who uses the garden, padlock the gate so you’ll have control over who goes in and out; you don’t want a well-meaning package delivery person opening the gate and letting your dog escape.

4) Do you want professional hands to solve your problem?

You can’t really go wrong with a dog trainer. Your canines will be taught obedience training, potty training and so much more. They might give basic training to your dogs on how to behave while in garden, and even around delicate items, like glass and ceramic figurines.

5) Watch out for poisonous plants

There are certain plants that could cause irritability and poisoning in your dogs and it’s vital to know what they are!

If you want both your garden and dogs to co-exist, then you are advised to eliminate plants such as tomatoes, foxglove, lily, azalea, daffodil, yew and hydrangea. Read a fill list here of other plants and flowers deadly to dogs.

If you really want to grow tomatoes, for instance, you can invest in elevated trugs, or use the sectioned method mentioned before.

6) Be careful of chemicals

Before buying fertilizers, weed killers or rat poison, make sure they are dog friendly.

Slug pellets can be extremely harmful, even in small quantities, as they are toxic to both dogs and cats, so should not be used anywhere that a dog might come across and eat them.

Follow these friendly tips that for dog proofing garden.

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