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4 High End Office Trends for Your Executive Garden Office

4 High End Office Trends for Your Executive Garden Office

When you’ve gone to the trouble of building an executive garden office, it’s important that you get the interior design right. It’s important to look both professional and stylish if you’re likely to be holding meetings with clients – in person, or remotely.

Having a purpose-built executive garden office is the first step, but how you decorate it matters.

Office designs, much like everything else, follow trends. This means that although you don’t have to keep up with the latest fashions to the letter but if your office style is outdated, your business might look out of touch.

To give off the best professional impression, it’s good keep abreast of the current trends. The best way to stay up to date in your style is to pick a few key pieces as a nod to the trend in general.

High End Office Trends for Your Executive Garden Office

Modern office trends that give your workspace a high-end feel will help you appear professional to anyone hoping to work with you. These design trends will give you the inspiration to create the perfect executive garden office for your business.

Living walls

A living wall is a row of living plants that cover an entire wall space. They are generally bought fully formed (although there are a few tutorials online about how to make your own), and you attach them to your wall. Not only do they provide a gorgeous backdrop for Zoom calls, but they have a function too.

Living walls have become popular for their air purifying qualities. They filter the air because they absorb carbon dioxide and convert it to oxygen. This means there’s more oxygen around during the daytime, which is great for your hardworking brain. It is also thought that they can contribute to regulating the temperature. It’s important to look into how to care for living walls before taking the plunge.

An adjustable desk

4 High End Office Trends for Your Executive Garden Room

Long gone are the days where a desk job means you’re expected to sit all day. With the population becoming more health-conscious, it’s becoming the norm to try to stay fit while doing your job. For example, an adjustable desk that can positioned in a seated or standing position is one step towards keeping your heart healthy. Standing to work burns more calories than sitting, engages your core, improves circulation, and even helps to reduce back pain.

Fun artwork

There was once a time when only the prints of the classics could be found in office spaces. Modern, high-end design supports you adding your own flare to your office. Indie artists who create digital prints and having something unique is much more on-trend than having artwork everyone has seen. You could hang several prints on one wall and create an interesting backdrop for meetings.

Ornaments and trinkets

Once minimalism dominated the workspace. Cleans lines and a lack of clutter created the image of professionalism. Over time, that trend has become outdated and will look sparse compared to an office that has been carefully styled. Decorative vases, fancy candles and other modern ornaments on shelves and desks are great finishing touches to help make your office design look well thought out.

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