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Prepping Your Garden For Autumn

Prepping Your Garden For Autumn

As the summer months draw to a close, your outdoor space will be looking a little different, a little tired and in need of a little TLC which makes now a great time to do this in order to prep your garden ready for autumn’s cooler weather.


Autumn is the time of year when some flowers have had their day and will either need removing (if seasonal) or deadheading (if perennial). Removing any dead heads, leaves and tidying up your plants will help them to regrow and bloom well again the following year.


The leaves from trees and bushes may already be shedding and causing a mess as well as issues for other plants. If you can keep on top of clearing these it will a.) save you time come spring b.) help to prevent mould problems for the flowers and plants you are keeping and c.) will keep your garden looking lovely throughout Autumn and Winter.


Take some time now to check the condition of your pots before the really cold weather creeps in because this way you will be helping to prevent cracks and breakages.

  • Give all of your pots a good wash down with warm soapy water.
  • Check the drainage holes aren’t blocked.
  • If your have plants that have seen their season you can remove these and pop your pot into storage for spring.
  • Tend to flowers that need deadheading.
  • Make a list of pots and plants that will need to come inside before the first frost.
Prepping Your Garden For Autumn

Tidy Borders

Getting those borders into tip-top condition, having the lawn tidy around the edges, removing weeds, making a clear border line will all help to make next year’s garden look stunning and be low maintenance come the spring.

Lawn Treatment

Your lawn can take a battering over the summer months especially if you have children or pets so now is the ideal time to repair some of that damage. If the weather has been quite warm, give your lawn a good drink – if you can collect and use rainwater it will appreciate this so much more as tap water contains chlorine. Purchasing a good feed that will provide your grass with sufficient nutrients whilst removing weeds and moss will be extremely beneficial. At this time of year, you don’t want to be cutting your lawn too low as it won’t grow much in the colder months and you could end up doing more damage than good. Give it a light cut in the autumn and leave it to see how it recovers.

Cleaning up Your Garden Buildings

Many gardens these days have garden rooms, summer houses and greenhouses which would have all probably seen a lot of use over the summer. Autumn is the perfect time to wash those windows, remove any green from paintwork, freshening the exterior up with paint or varnish to protect it in the winter and to tend to any big maintenance issues.

Turn Your Compost

With all of this autumn garden prep, you will have plenty to add to your compost bin so make sure you schedule in a little time to take out compost that is ready (and use it around the garden where required) and turn what is in there to generate some movement of oxygen. Also, check your greens to browns ratio as this will probably now sit here unattended until the following year. If you can get this spot on you will be rewarded with fantastic, hassle-free compost.

Make New Plans

A warm autumn evening is the perfect time to sit out in your garden and think about some new plans for the coming seasons. Perhaps you have your sights set on a garden room for your office? Or a summerhouse for potting in? Maybe you’d like to add a pond once the weather warms up again? Or is there a big overhaul in your mind? Taking time to plan, research, look for the best companies and equipment, will all mean that you will get a clear idea of what work you’ll need to do in order to reach those goals.

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