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garden building ideas: gym

Gorgeous Garden Building Ideas That Add Character to Your Property

A house is not a home until you’ve added your own stamp to it. This list of garden building ideas will help you leave your mark by building something personal for your property.

Whether you’re moving into a home that already has a garden building, or considering having one added to your property, you need to pick a use for it that best suits your needs.

Gorgeous Garden Building Ideas

These fabulous garden building ideas will help you decide what to use yours for. If you’re yet to have your built, it’s best to consider what you’ll be using it for before you go ahead. That way, you can rest assured that the garden room will match your needs and be exactly what you envisaged.

An extra room on your property is a huge boon so it pays to make the most of it!

Garden Building Ideas for the Kids: Playroom/ Games Room/ Sitting Room

If you’ve got young children at home, it’s likely you’re aware of the space they take up! Consider a garden building with the kids in mind! An outdoor playroom could be just the job to keep mess contained. That way, your little angels and their soft toy entourage can play to their heart’s content while your lounge remains untouched.

If your children are older and no longer play with toys, turning the garden room into a games room or teen sitting room could be an option. This gives them some privacy, provides a place to see their friends and keep them out of trouble, and keeps them out of your hair too. Win-win!

A Grown Up Sitting Room

Perhaps you’d rather claim the garden room as your own instead of dedicating a room to the kids. An outdoor sitting room that’s hooked up to WiFi and has access to all your favourite streaming services is exactly what you need! Cut off from the rest of the house, you can binge watch all your favourite shows without interruption.

garden building ideas: Cocktails small garden bar

A Garden Bar 

Whether you plan on having friends over to sample your artisan home brew, or plan on watching the sun set over champagne with your significant other, a garden bar can be a glamorous addition to your property. Choose an art deco theme and vintage glasses for a stylish, sophisticated interior. You could source vintage drinks trolleys and glasses to help add to the unique look.

For a more laid-back traditional bar, you could invest personalised beer mats to give your bar an authentic feel. You could give your bar a name to give it a warm friendly feel. You might even want to go all in and buy a neon sign.

Don’t forget to stock your favourite tipple!

Home Gym

If the age of the internet has taught us anything, it’s that almost any workout can be done at home. Your garden room could be turned into a home gym with all the latest equipment. Alternatively, if your prefer to use your own body as a tool to get fit, you could set up a studio instead. 

Mounting a smart TV to the wall will allow you to take fitness classes remotely. If you’re a real fitness addict, you’ll save thousands in gym memberships over the years.

Whatever you choose to do with your garden building, make sure you have fun in it!

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