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Styling Out Your Garden Cabin Music Room

You’ve been dreaming of the day when you would be able to have the space to have your very own music room and now that a garden cabin has fulfilled that dream it is time to think about how you are going to style it. With so many ideas and options online, particularly on Pinterest it can be hard to decide but we hope that with our tips, you’ll be able to incorporate all of these to create a music room that you’ll never want to leave!

Feature Wall

Make a statement with a striking feature wall. Tones such as peacock green, royal blue or navy are very popular right now and can really add personality, however, if those are a bit too much for your liking, you could opt for a musically themed wallpaper, pastel tones or perhaps you could get creative and paint musical notes across a white background?

Musical Instrument storage

Storing your musical instruments safely but also cleverly is a must, isn’t it? Of course, if you are a piano player or drummer this won’t be an option but for those smaller instruments, you could think about creating wall storage using shelves, hooks or brackets which are all perfect for guitars, brass instruments or percussion. You could have a stand area for woodwind instruments or have a built-in storage unit to keep the garden cabin tidy as well as helping with security if anybody ever thought about scoping it out. With no instruments on show, they may well be deterred.


If you enjoy composing, mixing, writing lyrics and recording your music then a desk will be an essential addition to your music room. When planning your layout make sure you leave a space that will be able to house a computer, speakers and other tech equipment. A spot near to the window so you can also look out onto your garden would make coming up with new song inspiration a joy.

Styling Out Your Garden Cabin Music Room


Lighting is such an important factor when it comes to reading music and playing. A garden cabin will be a light and airy space but on dull days you will need extra artificial lighting to help with your vision. You will need main overhead lighting which should come as standard with most garden rooms, however, you may want to install dimmer switches to be able to create room ambience as and when you need it.

Purchasing a selection of lamps and spotlights as well as music lights that clip onto your music stand will give you the right combination for different times of day or weather and will allow you to always use your music room.

Soft Furnishings

A music room doesn’t want to feel clinical, in fact, having an area to chill in, to sit back and listen to music in, to take time out in is just as vital to your wellbeing. Including a snug in the corner of your garden cabin could give you the perfect space in which to do all of this without having to go back to the house. A small sofa, large cushions, throws and rugs would make this a comfy and cosy space for you and friends to enjoy.


If you are an avid music book collector you will want the right storage for it all which will also be within easy reach. One option to consider is having a bespoke bookshelf built on one wall of your cabin. A company with this type of expertise could take into consideration the size of your collection, the size of the available space, the width and height of the shelves required as well as your own personal tastes. You could have a bookshelf with hidden storage cupboards, stunning carvings, secret hideaway areas and in your choice of finish.

Prints and Posters

Finish your walls off with your favourite band posters, musical prints, music artwork and/or memorabilia. You could choose to keep this simplistic and clean or create a pinup wall of all of your favourite gigs.

The most important part of styling out your garden cabin music room is to remember to add those personal touches as this will provide you with a room to love and one you’ll always want to be in.

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