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Seven Great Reasons To Have Your Gym In A Garden Cabin

An at-home gym in your garden cabin could be just what you need to get fit this year!

Traditionally, getting and staying fit would entail signing up to a costly gym membership. You would then have to venture out in all weathers – perhaps 3-4 times a week to make the most of it – and make time in your life for working out among long commutes, longer work days and family life.

So, what is the solution?

If you have the space in your garden, a garden cabin is one of the best options available to you.

Here are seven reasons why:

Your garden cabin gym


This has to be at the top of the list. What better place to have a gym than right outside in your own back garden? A gym within walking distance, one that is accessible at any time of day and with no travel!

You’ll have no excuses not to work out, even if it snows! Perfect!


Yes, the installation of a garden cabin will need some significant investment when it comes to building your dream gym. You will need to install electrics and heating and/or air conditioning as well as kitting it all out. However once it’s done it could be there for life.

No more monthly fees, no more travel costs and it is free to use as often as you like.

Which? state:

“Brits are wasting £37million a year on gym memberships, exercise and slimming classes they never attend… Forgotten direct debits continue to deduct cash months after people have ditched the treadmill, leaving the average adult losing out on £303 a year.”

If you do choose to sell your home in the future, your cabin should help to increase the value of your property and make it far more appealing to potential buyers. That investment will pay itself back in no time!

Man working out in his own home gym

Designed To Your Taste

Whether you like to lift weights or run, enjoy some daily yoga or pole fitness, release your stress on a punch bag or burn calories with a HIIT class, your garden cabin gym can be decked out to whatever style you choose.

You can have areas for different workouts. For example, a corner for your warm-up which could double-up as your relaxation station, a larger area for your machinery gym equipment, an area to keep your drinks chilled and a wall for mirrors.

If you want weights in your garden gym, you will need to reinforce the floor to take the strain when they are dropped. With any exercise, you may want to invest in some sprung flooring or cushioning in order to protect your joints.

But the rest of the decor is entirely your choice; no need to compromise!

A garden cabin

A Workout Environment Tailored To Your Needs

Often when you walk into a gym it’s too hot, because far too many people are working out at the same time. Other times it’s far too cold because somebody has cranked up the air con.

Well, all that can be left in the past when you create your own garden gym, because you can install a system that you can control yourself.

In the colder winter months, you may need to warm your garden cabin gym before stepping out into it. What could be better than being able to this via remote control from inside your cosy home?

Then how about being able to just turn on the air conditioning once you are warm enough from your exercise? Perfect!

You could also carefully select what type of lighting appeals to you, where it is set and even add a dimmer switch if you like to create some ambience during your workout.

If you like to pump up the volume as you pump your iron, why not invest in a decent sound system plus some soundproofing?

All of your needs can be easily tailored and met in your garden cabin build to make your workout far more desirable, comfortable and fun!

Woman working out in her garden cabin gym


It is always fun to have a friend or two to workout with. Somebody to spot you, somebody to help to motivate you and somebody to have a laugh with which is another reason why a garden cabin is a great place to have your gym.

Your friends will love popping over to socialise and they will be very appreciative of the lack of gym fees too!

Extend The Gym Into Your Garden

When the warmer weather arrives, what better way to mix up your workout session than by opening the doors and moving out onto your lawn?

You could bring some of your equipment outside in order to train. Why not do your morning yoga on the grass or enjoy the warm, fresh air from inside your garden cabin.

Each gym session can be completely different if you just utilise what is available around you.

Open up the doors of your garden gym

Hiring The Space Out

Dependant on the size of your garden cabin and the size of your property, you may want to consider hiring out the space to other people or to fitness instructors.

This would be a great way to get some return on your investment and bring you some extra income.

Not all fitness instructors can afford to pay a gym a cut of their wage. Many use open spaces, such as parks, to carry out their training.

In the winter months this can be quite off-putting to some clients. Imagine being able to offer a fully-equipped indoor space to them!

You may need to look into extra insurance to cover your equipment but it would be worth it in the long-run.

If you have plenty of floor space or if you can move some equipment to the sides, you could offer up your luxury home gym as a yoga studio for small classes. It would definitely be something worth looking into and contacting local small businesses to see if there is any interest. I mean, if you aren’t using it during the day, somebody else may as well be, it’s a win-win!

Those are our top reasons for considering a garden cabin gym!

maybe you have some more? Let us know if you already have a garden cabin gym, we’d love to know how much you love it!

Turn Your Home Office Buildings Into A Relaxing Outdoor Home Yoga Studio

Want to Extend? A Garden Cabin Could Give You The Space You Need

When people start to think about the space they lack in their homes, their first thoughts often go to moving house in order to gain the rooms they desire or to extending their current home but there actually is another option; building a garden cabin.

Gone are the days when a garden cabin was a mere shed, today’s cabins are warm, light, airy, insulated and can be used in a variety of ways.

Here are 7 ways that we think a garden cabin could extend your home.

Use your new garden room order to help you to gain the essential space you need and extend your home in a more affordable way.

Home Office

A home office has gone from being a luxury to something of a necessity for many people over the past year and it could be here to stay. When space is at a premium in the house, a garden cabin could be the perfect solution.

You can have the desk you have always longed for, the space for extra office equipment such as a photocopier, printer and a large comfortable chair. You will also have room for a kitchenette for your hot drinks, you could include a sofa for your breaks, appropriate lighting for your work and most importantly, the silence. There are no distractions, no one asking you for something, no pet rubbing around your leg, no chores surrounding you making you feel guilty; your garden office is a retreat as well as your workspace.

Dog sleeping in garden home office garden cabin with woman in background

Home Gym

Another choice for a garden cabin which is rising in popularity now that gyms are closed, is a home gym. This also usually ends up being set up in the home inside a spare bedroom but it just doesn’t have the right ‘feel’ for working out in, does it?

Carpet underfoot, inappropriate flooring, the worry that it may disturb the neighbours, no air conditioning… it isn’t ideal. With a garden cabin room, you could select all of your additional requirements when you order the building in order to achieve your perfect workout area.

Reading Room

When it comes to picking up a good book, we often want an area in the house where we can simply sink into the story. No distractions, no TV, no doorbell, no noise; just a place where we can escape. Unfortunately, that is usually hard to come by in a standard modern home which is why the garden is a fantastic alternative. Where better to get your nose stuck into a book than in a calm, airy, light, cosy cabin that has been decorated entirely to your taste? Bliss!

Reading in your new garden cabin

Hobby Room

As with reading, a hobby is usually an activity that you want to do in a dedicated area that is set up for all your needs. One hobby that immediately springs to mind for a garden room is painting. With this hobby comes far more equipment which means that more space is required. Imagine having a large room that will fit an easel, a chair, a table for paints, a sink for washing up and a desk for drawing. Add in the relaxing atmosphere and lovely view of your garden and you’ll be in an artist’s heaven.

Children’s Play Room

This is surely every parent’s dream?! A room where all of those toys can be kept and at the end of the day the door can be closed along with any mess. Your living room can be your own space again in the evening and you won’t have to think about tidying up just for it to all come out again the next morning. Of course, it isn’t all about you parents. To have a space for your children to play freely, to express themselves without any constraints and to have a place where role play can be encouraged will truly benefit their development and learning. Being able to spill this play area out into the garden just makes it even more ideal.

Garden cabin Ideas for your Outdoor Playroom

Yoga Room

A garden cabin is the perfect setting in which to do your daily yoga. With natural light pouring in through bi-fold doors, a large floor area for your mat and other yoga equipment, plus a calming and tranquil atmosphere, you will get so much more out of your workout than inside your home. You could even think about renting out this space to yoga instructors or setting up yoga groups so you can socialise as you exercise.

Games Room

When it comes to a games room I always picture a pool table, arcade games, a ping-pong table or perhaps a football table. All the things you wouldn’t ever really want in your house and ones that usually end up taking up valuable space inside the garage instead. A garden cabin could easily house all of the items and there would be enough room for it all to be set up all year round to bring plenty of entertainment for friends and family.

Those are our 7 ways in which we think a garden cabin could extend your home. Do you have any you would add? How do you use your garden cabin?

7 Climbing Plants That Could Transform The Look of Your Garden Cabin

7 Climbing Plants That Could Transform The Look of Your Garden Cabin

A garden cabin is a great addition to your garden but it can easily stick out if you don’t try and merge it in with the rest of your outdoor space. A good start in ensuring your new build ties in nicely is by adding wood cladding, by having window boxes full of stunning flowers and an array of plant pots on the decking but another area you could focus on would be to bring greenery to the exterior walls. Here we take a look at 7 climbing plants that could transform the look of your garden cabin.


This may seem like an obvious first choice climber but Ivy is actually available to purchase in many different varieties, meaning you can go for either the most common type or one that could bring a little more interest and tones to the (garden) party. For example, if you opt for a Boston Ivy you will get green leaves in the spring and summer then red in the autumn before they drop off for the winter. They are simply stunning. If you want an all year green Ivy opt for your traditional hardy English variety. For more on Ivy types take a look at this detailed blog post here.


7 Climbing Plants That Could Transform The Look of Your Garden Cabin

Honeysuckle is one of my personal favourites. It can grow into a stunning large bush and provide plenty of food for busy bees when it’s stunning yellow/white flowers bloom during the spring and summer seasons. It is easy to care for, can be pruned into shape and dead leaves can be easily removed from underneath with a quick shake of the plant. It keeps its green leaves all year round but never looks harsh like Ivy does; it has a softer feel and appearance which makes it a wonderful addition to any English garden.


The Clematis is a hardy plant which dies down in the colder months but rewards you year after year in the summer months with its stunning large flowers. It is available in a wide variety of colours which allows you to choose shades that suit the rest of your garden. They will happily wrap themselves around anything so just make sure they don’t go on to strangle other plants nearby. A trellis is the perfect way to keep them climbing up an external wall with ease.

Passion Flower

This plant will happily climb up a wall with some guidance from trellis or wire and, once established, it will provide you with the most striking of all flowers. These huge purple flowers next to the big green leaves just draw all of your attention and provide your garden with a great focal point. They do die down in the winter but if you ensure the roots don’t become damaged by the frost, it will return year after year.


Choose a climbing rose that will love to trail up a trellis on the wall of your garden cabin and you will be in for a wonderful treat every year. Roses do take a little more time as you will need to carefully deadhead old flowers in order to keep the plant in bloom in the future but once you master the art of caring for them you will have a truly romantic feel to your garden cabin.


Jasmine is a popular climbing plant due to its pretty and delicate white flowers which can bloom from summer until autumn. Part of the Olive family, this climber is originally from warmer climates but has proven to do well here in the UK. Just like the Honeysuckle, Jasmine will bush out and provide your wall with plenty of coverage and pretty greenery when its flowers aren’t in season. If you prune the plant after flowering you will be sure to be encouraging them back the following year.


7 Climbing Plants That Could Transform The Look of Your Garden Cabin

And we couldn’t write a post on climbers and not mention the beauty that is Wisteria. This absolutely stunning plant will take hold very easily and provide your garden with the most magnificent purple blooms which smell divine. These will usually come out during the Spring and they adore the sun, so your positioning is very important here. You will need to prune them twice a year and keep an eye on their growth as you want it controlled and not taking over your garden cabin. With good care, well-watered soil, appropriate sunlight and protection from frost, you will have the most eye-catching climber if you choose the Wisteria for your garden.

You will hopefully now have some great inspiration to help you to decide on the right climbing plants for your garden cabin and a great starting point for merging your new building with your current garden space.

gardening cabin

Gardening Around Your Garden Cabin in The Summer

Summer is the time for your garden to come into full bloom. It is the time when everything comes to life and you begin to see your outdoor space buzzing with life but how do you create a beautiful garden that you can enjoy all summer and how do you incorporate your gardening around your garden cabin? Here we take a look at some simple tips to help you on your way to creating an idyllic space.

The Lawn

Before beginning to plan a garden, you should first start with a clear area and that means mowing the lawn to a manageable length. This will provide you with a clear view of what you have, where beds could be added, where you’d like height from plants and where your focal areas will be.

Bed Digging

Now you can begin to plan out your flower beds. Take a look at what space you have around your garden cabin and plan on paper what design you’d like to create. Perhaps you love symmetry? In that case, think straight lines, perhaps raised beds and plan where the flowers will sit. If you’d like a wilder type garden, dig your beds out in wavy shapes, allow them to come out into the garden and go back towards the garden cabin in a sporadic way. 

Preparing the Ground

In order to give your plants and flowers the best start, you will want to fully prepare the ground before you begin planting. Dig the bed, turn the soil, remove any large stones/rocks/debris, use a fork to break up large solid parts and then add a rich compost to mix into this. 

Gardening Around Your Garden Cabin in The Summer


Now comes the fun part– planting your chosen flowers! You will probably have a preference to what type of plants and flowers you like the look of but our biggest tip here would be to check which will stick around all year round. You don’t want to be doing this year after year, you don’t want a season with bare beds and you certainly don’t want to be spending out too much. Perennials are hardy plants and flowers which will provide you with greenery, bloom and interest throughout the year and which need very little care. 

If you want organised planting, make each bed mirror the other, plant your flowers in symmetrical ways and stick to low plants that won’t grow out of control. If you’d rather a more wild garden, plan your planting by mixing taller plants with smaller ones, using grassy plants for movement, wildflower bombs to give you a wild meadow look and just allow this to grow as and where it wants. If you have some very shady areas around your garden cabin, make sure you do plenty of research to work out which plants could survive this the best. 


Once your planting is complete, you must water those new plants and flowers in well. On a hot day, you may want to think about watering twice a day in order to give them a fighting chance, if not, once a day should be sufficient. 

Natural Pest Control

If slugs and snails are a problem for your garden, try sprinkling some sand, sawdust or broken eggshells around the base of your plants. They cannot get over textures like these and will quickly retreat! 

Deadheading and Trimming

To keep your plants and flowers continually growing throughout the summer season, make sure you keep a close eye on how they are growing and when flowers die. A lot of flowers wilt, seem to die off but will then come back. To aid this, you can do what is called deadheading which is basically removing the head of the flower in order to encourage that new growth faster. Other plants may require regular trimming to keep them tidy but to also help with growth. Lavender is a popular choice of perennial for a lot of gardens but if left unattended it can quickly get out of control. You should look to cut their flowers right back twice a year. Not only will this provide you with some gorgeous fresh lavender to use in a variety of ways, it will also help to control the plant. You see, lavender likes to focus on growing and if you leave flowers on it all year round it focusses it’s energy somewhere else– on the roots. How often do you see lavender plants which look as though they are climbing out of the ground? Quite common, isn’t it? This is where the plant has been left to its own devices. By trimming away it’s flowers, the plant has to focus on growing those again, which means it ignores its roots and maintains its nice shape. Research into your plants is vital in keeping your garden looking amazing at all times.

Planting on The Garden Cabin

Your final touch for gardening around your garden cabin could be to add window boxes, planters, pots or climbers to the outside of the cabin itself. This will bring your garden and building together and tie everything in nicely to make it look as though it has always been apart of your outdoor space. 

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