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5 Popular Workouts You Can Do From Your Garden Gym

Making time to workout can be such a juggle. When you work, have children, have hobbies and other activities that you enjoy, finding a workout class that will suit the times that you are free, as well as your needs, can be hard. So, why not make the space and the time at home? By adding a garden gym to your outdoor space you could workout as often as you like and at any time of day.

Here are 5 popular workouts that you could easily do from your own garden gym…


Doing weights usually involves a pricey gym membership and then that also means making the time to get yourself down there. A garden gym is sturdy enough to take the weight of gym equipment, including weights. You could invest in the equipment you like the best and kit your garden gym out to provide a space for your perfect workout. You could also add a kitchenette for refreshments, a toilet, air conditioning, a chill out zone plus a cool down area for when your workout is complete. Why go to the gym when you can just wander down your garden?


Yoga is not only relaxing and calms the mind, it is also amazing for building strength, flexibility and improving your posture. The ideal setting for doing this is in a place of quietude but that can be hard to find in a busy household which is why a garden gym is the perfect solution. You can choose a comfortable, sprung floor, cover one wall with mirrors, have a storage unit for your mats, foam rollers, foam blocks and so on, as well as space for meditation afterwards. This could become your own personal haven for relaxation and resetting your brain after a busy day at work.

yoga in garden gym

Pole Fitness

Pole and aerial fitness has grown hugely in popularity over the last few years and it’s not hard to see why. Using a combination of strength, agility, gymnastics and dance this workout uses the entire body and is fantastic for sculpting as well as for general overall fitness. Having a pole permanently set up in the house isn’t always doable but getting your practice in is so important when trying to master difficult moves which is why a dedicated space is vital. A garden gym is built to the same standard as any room in your home which means it can take whatever you need it to… A pole would be no issue. You would have enough space inside the building to have your pole up all year round, to dance around it as well as on the floor and you could add mirrors to the walls to ensure that you can see how you are progressing. 

Step Aerobics

Step aerobics is a great cardio workout but it generally requires quite a bit of space and a good ceiling height. Doing this inside your home comes with certain obstacles which can include lampshades, furniture and the wrong flooring but a garden gym could be built with all of your needs in mind. During the design process, make it clear to the garden room company why you want the building and what requirements you will need in order to do this workout. They will be able to advise on ceiling height, the type of lights, the right flooring and room size. Soon you could have the step aerobics studio that your classmates will envy!

HiiT Sessions

HiiT workouts are one of the best you can do for overall fitness and if done regularly, you will quickly see results. You can simply do these workouts just by using your own bodyweight but for a better all-round fitness it is good to mix it up by adding in equipment such as a TRX, weights, rope and steps. For this you need space and most homes lack the space for this amount of workout gear. A garden gym could provide that essential space and could also save you time in setting up. Once you have your circuit planned out and set up to your liking you can just leave it in place ready for the next session. As with the other workouts, you could also add mirrors, a cool down/stretching area, a drinks area, a toilet, the right lighting and air conditioning.

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