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Ambient Design Tips for Garden Living Rooms

Garden living rooms can be a beautiful addition to your property. Whether you choose to have one built, or have a garden building waiting to be repurposed, you need to decide on the décor.

A place to relax in the garden is coveted by many. Garden living rooms set themselves apart from living areas inside the main house. With the right interior design, your outdoor living room can be a glorious haven from the real world. To add to the ambience, install beautiful lighting in your garden so that your view has an elegant aesthetic too.

Ambient Design Tips for Garden Living Rooms

Creating an ambient garden living room is easy to achieve. The main purpose is relaxation, so that needs to be taken into account when it comes to design.

Below are some simple design tips for garden living rooms.

Choose neutral tones for walls

The key to an ambient aesthetic is nothing too intrusive; neutral tones are advisable. This means no bright colours and busy patterns should be avoided. Muted tones of block colours work best to create a relaxing backdrop. The walls should fade into a background without a second glance. Light colours work best for creating a nondescript colour scheme. The room should be pleasant to be in, but the walls should lack distinctive characteristics that grab your attention.

Ambient Design Tips for Garden Living Rooms

Variable lighting works best in garden living rooms

When  trying to create a relaxing atmosphere in your garden living room, it’s important to consider lighting. While you might want low lighting for watching TV, or sharing a bottle of wine with your spouse, dimmed lighting is not always ideal. If you want to spend time reading in your sitting room, a brighter light will be necessary.

For variable lighting, you have two options. Option one is to install a dimmer switch which will allow the light to be adjusted to various levels of brightness. If a dimmer switch is not something that interests you, investing in a lamp could do the trick. The main, fitted lighting will be bright and allow good visibility for reading. When you want lower lighting conditions, you can turn on a lamp or two and switch the main light off.

Make sure the furniture is comfortable

There are no real rules when it comes to furniture, as long as it is comfortable. If you prefer a squashy sofa that you can sink into, then there’s nothing to stop you getting one. Likewise, if you prefer a stiff seat to support your back, then that’s your prerogative. Anything goes as long as comfort ensues.

Get the temperature just right

It’s almost impossible to relax in a room that is the wrong temperature. A cold room that never gets warm can put you on edge.  You’ll never achieve the cosy feeling that accompanies intense comfort and ultimately you won’t be able to relax.

On the flipside, rooms that are overly warm can be just as bad. Too much heat can be uncomfortable and you can become clammy as you sit.

A thermostat that regulates the heating can help keep the room the correct temperature. In summer if the room feels too hot, relaxing with doors and windows open can bring the temperature down to a much more palatable climate.

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