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piggy bank - 5 Ways A Garden Lodge Could Benefit You Financially

5 Ways A Garden Lodge Could Benefit You Financially

We often think that the function of a garden lodge or cabin is to add an extra room onto a home or to create a new feature in the garden but have you ever stopped to think about how one could actually benefit you financially? Could a new build bring you in some extra cash each month? Think of the possibilities and imagine what you could do or where you could go with that extra income.

Here we look at 5 ways in which you could make this happen.

Home Business

The first and most obvious choice would be to convert your garden lodge into a home business. That may be an office, an exercise studio, art studio or beauty therapy room. Whatever your current job is or perhaps it’s a change of career you’re after? You will be able to easily create a workspace that will work for you and your venture. It would also allow you to work more freely and flexibly. It’s a win, win. 

Grow Plants to Sell

A garden room is the perfect place to grow a variety of plants or fruit and veg. With a warm climate and space to provide them with all they will need, you can create a little hobby into a mini business by selling these plants from your home. 

Growing plants in a Garden Lodge

Hire it Out

If you don’t have any plans for using this space yourself, why not hire it out to somebody else? This way it will be put to good use and will also bring you an income each month. Put the feelers out in your area, is there a personal trainer looking for a studio to work from? Is there a beauty therapist who requires more space? Your brand new lodge would most definitely bring a lot of interest and will, in turn, bring you a bonus.

Bed and Breakfast

Receiving the personal touch when you go away is becoming more and more popular which is why converting your garden lodge into a luxury B+B room could be a winner. Hey, if you have the space for more than one you could really cash in too! A beautifully decorated garden room with stunning furnishings and all the mod cons would be desirable to anybody who is visiting the area. You could look into having a small shower room installed as well as a kitchenette to allow the lodge to be fully functional for your guests. 

Rent it Out

If you have a teenager who is eager to move out but isn’t quite yet in the position to do so, how about creating a ‘flat’ for them in your garden lodge. Just like with the B+B idea, you could add all the amenities so that your child wouldn’t necessarily have to always visit the house. You could then charge them a small rent to teach them the value of things and to learn how to balance their finances. It’s a great way of letting go ever so slightly but still being right there in their lives.

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