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garden lodges to home office

Garden Lodges can Easily Be Turned Into Home Offices

Garden lodges are built for many different uses, but most commonly to be used as an extra sitting room. It might be difficult to imagine how your cosy sitting room could either double up as, or be converted into a home office. Thankfully, these buildings are extremely versatile and it will only take a short while and a small amount of money to get things up and running.

First you’ll need to decide whether you’re changing your garden lodge into a room that will only be used as an office, or if you’re revamping the room to give it an extra purpose. There is no right or wrong answer, it’s down to personal preference (although you might want to ask advice from your accountant about what will work out best for your business accounts).

Turning Garden Lodges into an Office Environment in 3 Easy Steps

Three simple steps to transform a garden lodge into a place of business might seem too good to be true, but this is the most efficient way to set things up. 

Step one: Assess your needs

garden lodges to home office

Will you be using this room as an office instead or as well as a sitting room? If you’re adding a purpose, will you need to rearrange or remove furniture to create enough space? The simplest way to assess the area you’re working with is to accurately measure it. Move the furniture around if necessary, this can be the simplest way of creating space in garden lodges.

Once you’ve figured out how much space you need, it’s time to decide on what furniture to buy. Most modern business only require a desk, a chair and a laptop in the early days, so try not to buy more than you need. If you’re planning on turning your lodge fully into an office, consider keeping some relaxed seating in case you’ll be hosting laid-back meetings with clients.

Step two: Buy the essentials

Now that you have the space and the exact measurements for the office, it’s time to get the ball rolling and buy furniture.

Shop around to see if you can get the style and size of furniture you want for a better price. Turning garden lodges into offices shouldn’t be an expensive affair. It should be a money saving way of creating office space in a structure you already have and use. Buying second hand or from a discount warehouse might help you save more money than you’ve bargained for.

Once the furniture arrives, it should fit perfectly in the space you’ve earmarked as everything should have been measured down to the last millimetre.

Step three: Get to work!

When your office is set up, all you really need to do is your work! Whether you’ve kept the room as a sitting room and added a desk, or completely converted it into an office, you should be proud of your new workspace. 

Chances are, you’ve saved money, made your workspace look more professional and upped your productivity in a matter of days. That’s a level of efficiency any business owner should be proud of!

Luxury garden room

Your Simple Buyers Guide to Garden Lodges

Garden lodges can provide your home with so much. From a new garden office to summer house, a kids playroom or hobby room, art studio or games room that extra space in the garden can transform your family and/or working life. But to get the most out of a garden building, you need to consider all of the various practical details first and luckily for you, we have compiled a list to help you along your way:


Let’s get the biggie out of the way. Before you can start anything you need to firmly secure that budget to get precisely what you want. Garden lodges can come in a variety of styles, sizes, with extra add ons etc so do your research and window shopping to get a clear idea of how much you are going to need to squirrel away in order to get your dream garden building. 

Planning Permission

Designing Your New Garden Lodges

Modern garden rooms do not usually require a planning application as they fall within permitted development rules under class E. This is pre-approved planning permission as long as your room is built subject to a number of limits and conditions

The most important factors are:

1) That the garden room is no higher than 2.5m from the bottom of the building to the top of the roof (if within 2m of boundary)

2) That you do not take up more than 50% of your garden area with this or any other buildings

3) It is not to be used for living or sleeping accommodation

If you are unsure you can check with your local authority or on the GOV.UK website.


A garden lodge needs to be big enough to fit in with all of your needs at the present time but will also need to evolve as your family or business does, for example, one day it may need to go from children’s playroom to teenagers den or perhaps an adult entertaining space or maybe from yoga studio to a home office. You also need to consider the proportions of your home and your garden when planning this new build. You certainly don’t want it to be overbearing, you don’t want create too much shade and you definitely don’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb. To help with planning this and to visualise how a building will sit within your garden you can use canes and string to mark out its dimensions on the ground which will give you a feel for what you may be wanting to build.


Ideally, any garden lodges will need to have at least double-glazing to ensure that the room keeps the heat, prevents drafts and can be used all year round. Triple glazing would be even better but this will come down to your costings. You will also need to factor in colour schemes and design themes which you will probably want to tie in with your door choice…

garden lodges


The size of your doors will depend on the use of your garden lodge and again, this may change as your life does so you will want to bear this in mind too. Typically, most people opt for double doors or bi-folding doors as these allow plenty of light during the day and can be opened wide enough for a variety of furniture and equipment to go in and out. You will also want to consider the materials it is made from and the colour scheme. 


The materials that you pick will have an immediate impact on the lifespan of your new garden building. Budgeting may seem like the way to go for now but in a few years time, you don’t want to be kicking yourself because the roof is leaking or the floor didn’t turn out to be hardwearing enough. Here at Modern Garden Rooms we can sit down and discuss all of your needs and give you plenty of options which will ensure the longevity of your garden lodge.


The roof is a very important aspect to think about. Firstly, it will give the final overall look to your garden lodge and secondly it will not only provide you with a nice dry place to work but it will also help with the insulation of the building. All of our roofing panels & profiles are produced to form an insulated roof system that meets the modern need to create energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing buildings.

Sustainable Products

If you want to buy timber for your garden lodge with a clear conscience, knowing you’re not damaging forests and wildlife then look for garden buildings with the FSC-certified icon. The timber for these products will come from sustainable and well-managed sources. If you are unsure how the wood is sourced, speak directly to the garden lodges supplier/builder.

garden lodges


There are plenty of options on the market for you to build your garden lodge yourself, but if you buy via Modern Garden Rooms all of our modern garden buildings are handcrafted and can be installed in your garden at locations across the UK within 4-6 weeks PLUS installation is free!

Luxury garden room

Why Garden Lodges are the Perfect Hideaway

Having your own space to do what you want with is a luxury. It’s the reason garden lodges have become much more popular in recent years, and man caves, reading nooks and craft rooms have entered our vocabulary. There is something so very indulgent in shutting out the rest of the world and enjoying your own company.

Research suggests that setting time aside to be alone and do what you enjoy can do wonders for your well-being. Modern life is exhausting. Since anyone can be reached anywhere, people are expected to be in constant contact – which is no good for a person’s mental health. Spending uninterrupted time on your favourite activities is a wonderful way to unwind.

Why Garden Lodges are the Perfect Hideaway

This list will explore why garden lodges are the perfect place for solitude. 

Garden Lodges Can be Whatever You Want Them To Be

Garden lodges are really versatile, so you can have one built and use it for lots of different things. Want an outdoor yoga studio? No problem. Also need it to turn into a sitting room? That’s fine too!

garden lodges - sitting room

With an outdoor room, you’ll never be restricted because it can be whatever you want it to be. The best way to keep it versatile, is to keep it clutter free – that way, if you need to move things around or add equipment, there’ll be plenty of room to keep it multi-purpose.

So if you need some space to do your painting alone, but need a TV room to veg out in on those extra demanding days, there’s plenty of room for both.

It’s Cheaper than Moving House

Once you have your heart set on a relaxation room of your own, realising your dream has the potential to be costly. Moving to a bigger house in order to gain that extra room is likely to wipe out your funds (if you can afford to do it at all!), but building a garden room will save you a lot of cash and stress. 

Having a garden room built to your specifications is cheaper than moving house, and is more likely to meet your needs. A garden lodge is also likely to give you much more space than occupying a spare room would. Another bonus is that your individual needs will be met because the lodge has been made especially for you.

Relaxing garden lodges

People are Less Likely to Disturb You

A huge perk of having a garden hideaway is that it’s much more difficult to disturb you. If you’re trying to relax alone inside the house, people are more likely to pop their head round the door. These micro interruptions can increase your stress levels while you’re trying to reduce them.

By moving yourself to another building (even one close by), it creates a physical barrier for anyone who might casually disturb you. If someone really needs to speak to you, they’ll make the journey down the garden, but if it was never important, they won’t make the effort and you’ll be saved from interruptions!

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