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Garden Office Plans: A Guide to Building an Outdoor Office

Garden office plans can cause quite the headache. Which is the best spot for the garden office? What are you allowed to use a a garden office for? Do you need planning permission? 

Thankfully, this guide should answer some of those questions that garden office plans create.

Your Guide to Garden Office Plans

Adding an outbuilding as a garden office does require some planning, but probably not as much as you think! In most cases, garden office plans are relatively straightforward. Unless you want something that veers away from the realms of a ‘normal’ office, it’s likely you can build exactly what you want.

Is planning permission needed for garden office plans?

In most cases, planning permission isn’t needed. Unless you’re hoping to live in your garden room or expect to have lots of visitors, you should be fine to build without permission. It’s always important to double check with an expert once the plans have been drawn up, but most of the time it will be fine to build.

There are some exceptions, such as if the height of your room is likely to exceed 2.5m. It also must be positioned no closer than 2m from the property boundary.

Consult the professional who is planning your garden room about planning permission, as although in some cases you can gain retrospective planning permission, it’s not guaranteed.

garden office plans

Can I download existing office plans from the internet to use?

Garden office planning is usually tailored to each client. It’s the reason you won’t see a bank of plans to download. It’s also the reason you shouldn’t use someone else’s plans. 

Your office plans will be based on your garden shape and size, your needs and your preferences. What might be perfect for another person’s garden might not be right for yours. Always get garden outbuilding plans tailored to your garden space. That said, it doesn’t hurt to do you research and compile a list of preferences before creating you plan.

Do I have to go with the plan drawn up for me?

The simple answer is no. If the plan drawn up isn’t quite what you had in mind when you were discussing it, then it’s important to speak up. It’s unlikely the plan will be too different to you ideas, as you will have discussed a lot of options before then plan was drawn up. Be specific about the areas you’d like tweaking so too much time isn’t lost by making changes.

What are you allowed to use a garden room for?

Most garden rooms are classed as “incidental” buildings, which is what most local authorities say you don’t need planning permission for. So if you’re planning on using yours as an office room, then that’s likely to be fine. Even if you want to use it as a sitting room by night, that should also be allowed too. 

However if you wanted to get it plumbed with running water, or turn it into a guest room, it’s likely you’ll need planning permission.

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