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Everything You Need for Your Office Shed

Once you’re at the stage where your office shed has been designed and built, all that’s left to do is kit it out!

Choosing what to put in your office shed can feel quite daunting when you’re faced with a blank canvas. What kind of office chair do you need? Will it go with your dream desk? Which sort of computer is best suited to your needs?

garden office shed

These are all questions you’ll be asking (and have fun answering) when it’s time to decorate.

Everything You Need for Your Office Shed

If you need any interior inspiration for your office shed, then look no further than this handy list of office essentials.

Furnishing your office shed

It goes without saying that an office needs somewhere to sit and somewhere to work, but it needn’t look to ‘officey’ if that’s not your style. Boardroom chairs are all well and good if you like to imagine you’re in a courtroom drama while you work, but if a more relaxed atmosphere is what you’re after, you might want to avoid traditional office furniture altogether.

To keep things modern, go for a contemporary swivel chair paired with a minimalist desk. Searching “desk chairs” or “swivel chairs” can broaden your search to find items beyond the traditional office chair.


For a truly modern office shed, you need to make sure your technology is up-to-date. Most home offices utilise an electronic assistant in the form of a Google Home or Amazon Echo. Use your home assistant to record appointments, set deadlines and order more stationery (or wine, if it’s been one of those days).

A desktop computer is a must. Without getting into the Mac vs PC debate, a desktop is usually preferable to a laptop because it can’t be moved. That way you won’t be tempted to pick up your laptop and work inside a house full of distractions. A desktop keeps you in your office shed and stops you from procrastinating.


stationery for your garden office shed

With the flexibility of working from home, comes the freedom to stray away from the standard, office-issued basic biros. Most office work is paperless these days, meaning it doesn’t matter if you spend a little extra on a pad and paper to jot your notes on. With no one around to judge, you could even blow your budget on a fancy fountain pen to sign your name with!

A bit of greenery

No office is complete without a plant! It’s probably a good idea to research indoor plants and pick something that doesn’t require a lot of taking care of. A brown, crispy plant doesn’t really send the right vibes for an office shed. 

a plant in your office shed

One plant that doesn’t take much effort to care for and seems very fitting for a home office is a money tree. They’ve got shiny, plump leaves that stay green all year round and don’t wither in direct sunlight. Money trees are said to bring their owner good fortune (and hopefully lots of cash). Probably worth a shot!

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