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working from home in a garden outhouse

3 Jobs You Can do From Your Garden Outhouse

If you’ve got a garden outhouse and a thirst to work from home, you may have considered which direction your career should take so that you can achieve your work-from-home dream. It’s not unusual to wish you could leave the 9-5 behind and start working only the hours you choose.

Working from home is a great way to earn money when you’ve got a young family. Flexible work hours mean you don’t have to spend half your wages on childcare, and it gives you more time to spend with your children. If you find the right career path to follow, working from home can be a real win-win situation.

3 Jobs You Can do From Your Garden Outhouse

Having a garden outhouse means you can start a business that involves clients visiting you. It enables you to keep all of your equipment in one place and looks professional to clients who visit. If you’d prefer not to come face-to-face with your clients, there are still plenty of career paths you could follow. Working from a garden room can help you keep your work-life separate from your home-life, regardless of whether or not you see clients in person.

These suggestions should help you decide which job would suit you best.

Nail Technician

Training as a nail technician often requires a relatively small initial outlay. Once fully trained, you can see as many (or as few) clients you want! Working from your garden outhouse allows you to set up a fixed desk for all of your equipment and colours. As chemicals are an essential part of the job, it helps that your work area is set up separately to the house (and out of reach of tiny hands). Just remember to open a window to allow for necessary ventilation!

Nail technician

Virtual Assistant

If you know your way around social media and have excellent organisational skills, becoming a virtual assistant could be a great career for you. Although courses are available for those who want to brush up on their skills, no official training is needed (especially if you’ve helped with other business social media accounts in previous jobs). Offer your services on freelancing sites to get started, and look out for adverts on LinkedIn.

The job is likely to involve scheduling tasks, some basic writing and replying to emails. A clutter-free background of your garden outhouse can be very helpful for when you Skype your clients and want to look professional.

working from home - working from a garden outhouse

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

If you’re a graduate with a strong grasp of the English language, there are lots of agencies for teaching English as a foreign language. These agencies will pair you up with as many clients as you’re willing to take on for one-to-one Skype sessions. Don’t worry if you know any other languages, you will be expected to speak English the while time.

Before you can teach, you’ll be required to earn a TEFL/TESOL certificate. Once you’ve got that, you can sign up to one of the many agencies out there and begin your career. You’ll need a webcam and a quiet space to work, so setting up a laptop in your garden outhouse is the perfect way to begin.

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