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How To Use Your Garden Room During Christmas And The Festive Season

How To Use Your Garden Room During Christmas And The Festive Season

Having a garden room gives you that extra space you need for your home and the absolute joy of this is that you can use it in any way that suits you and, on top of this, those ways can change throughout the year, even at Christmas.

Perhaps it would be a kid’s arts and crafts room in the spring? A summerhouse during the warmer months? A reading nook in the Autumn and how about a festive cabin for the winter? Here are a few ideas on how you could choose to use your garden room at Christmas…

Christmas Day Room

If it is your turn to host the Christmas Day festivities and you need the space to facilitate that why not transform your garden room into a large dining room that can accommodate all of your guests? Dress it up with fairy lights, a tree, decorations, add a Christmas bar plus music and this will make a stunning and ideal place to have your Christmas dinner and present giving.

Garden Room Christmas Grotto

If you wanted to make this festive season extra special for the children in your life, why not use your garden room to create your very own Santa’s Christmas Grotto in your back garden? You could design a complete winter wonderland with lights, fake snow, decorations, music, a tree and perhaps some animatronics? And to add a special touch you could even consider opening this up to the public and raising money for a charity.

How To Use Your Garden Room at Christmas And The Festive Season

Present Hiding

It is the time of year for giving but when you live in a busy household it can prove quite tricky to keep those gifts a secret. Having a dedicated place in which to hide them would be perfect and maybe at Christmas your garden room could be just that place? If you have a cupboard or drawers in your room or maybe a locked cabinet, you could safely stash your gifts away and even wrap them in private in preparation for the big day.

Christmas Party

Christmas Parties can get quite expensive during the festive season. Lots of invites, lots of outfits, lots of meals and drinks not to mention the secret Santa gifts but what if you could still enjoy a good party at the fraction of the cost by bringing it to your very own garden room? If you add a garden bar, an outdoor kitchen or barbecue, music, make space for dancing and add that Christmas touch with decorations etc you could host the Christmas party for work colleagues, friends or family and keep within a healthy budget.

New Year’s Eve Party

And lastly, you can’t bring in the New Year without a little get together, drinks, nibbles, music and a big cheer at midnight! Your garden room will make a great place to hold a small gathering. It will keep the noise and mess to one location, you won’t need to clean your whole house to host, you will have the space you need without having to move too much furniture and you can tidy it all up as and when you feel ready. Your garden room will soon be known as THE place to be during the festive season.

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