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How You Can Make Your Garden Room Multi-Functional

Often when we talk about adding a garden room to your home, we tend to discuss the one main use it will have, but a room like this is so versatile that we shouldn’t overlook the fact that it could be multi-functional 100% of the time. Let’s take a look at how you can make your garden multi-functional with ease…

All In The Plans

If you know prior to the build that you’d like your garden room to be used in all manner of ways, then make sure you have this included in your plans. If your chosen builder can help during the erection, it will save you a lot of time and extra money in the long run. Discuss what needs you have, look at how dividing walls could be included, talk about the practicalities of using it in different ways and whether it could be changed in the future. This will make your life much easier and will ensure that your garden room can be used for everybody once the build is complete.

Partition Walls

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If you already have your garden room built but now want to make some minor changes to allow it to become multi-functional, you may want to look into having partition walls installed. Stud walls (as they are commonly known as) are very easy for a labourer to add in and do a great job in dividing up a room to create new smaller rooms which could be used by other members of the family. For example, you could have a larger space for home learning, a smaller room created for your home office, another room for a toilet and possibly more for storage etc. By carefully going over your floor plan with an expert you will be able to create a new garden room very simply and have a space that everybody can benefit from.


If having more building work carried out doesn’t suit you, another option for creating a multi-function garden room is by cleverly sectioning areas to give you all what you need. By using furniture such as large bookcases or storage units you could divide up a play area and create an office space in a corner. If you want a little more privacy you could purchase screening which could be moved, put away and used in a variety of ways depending on what you need to do that day. Likewise, you could achieve the same with curtains or drapes. This will still give you the opportunity to see and chat to everybody using the garden room but it will also give you your own little space to carry out your activities.

Splitting The Garden Room

By adding a partition wall internally and doors externally you could completely transform your one garden room into two. This will give both parties the privacy, the peace and quiet, the atmosphere they need but won’t be too costly or disruptive to undertake. This is ideal if you and your partner both work from home, if you homeschool or if you enjoy working out every day.

Your garden room needs to work for you and your family so making it multi-functional is the perfect way of getting the most out of this building and ensuring that everybody’s needs can be met.

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