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Lockdown Living Leads To Huge Increase In Demand For Garden Rooms

This week the BBC reported on the increase in demand in garden rooms and it’s not hard to see why. With more people working from home, kids needing space to homeschool, adults requiring a place in which to exercise and/or relax, a garden room can provide for all of these needs. With some companies seeing a whopping 300% rise in sales let’s take a look at what is being said, why they are beneficial and why they are helping.

Working From Home

As we are all very aware, there are a lot of people who are currently working from home and, for some, this has been the case for a whole year. Having a dedicated place to work from is now more important than ever because it just isn’t sustainable to be working from a sofa or a noisy kitchen table for the long term. With many suffering from lack of motivation, lower productiveness, poor posture and new aches and pains, the change to a home office that can provide a healthy working environment has been welcomed.

It is also proven that psychologically, we all need some distance between home and our working life whether that be a different room, a small walk, a door that can close on the “office” at the end of the day. This allows you to forget about the housework and everything that goes with it during the working day and then being able to leave your work behind in the evenings. If you work and rest in the living room everything begins to intertwine and you become more divided between what is most important to do.

Not to mention the fact that a garden room also gives you the professional space in which to take zoom calls:

“The average shed buyer is getting younger. Once the domain of gardening glove-wearing, trowel-wielding pensioners, the garden shed has now become the scene of smart-casual Zoom calls”

BBC News

garden rooms for homeschooling

Garden Rooms for Homeschooling

With homeschooling becoming the norm for each lockdown, getting your children to focus and learn within the home has been reported as becoming more and more difficult. The first lockdown almost felt like a novelty. Time off school, the sun was shining, schoolwork could be done in the garden and so on. With having this lockdown in the colder months, everybody is feeling those winter blues even more so than usual. There isn’t a garden to enjoy comfortably, the walks are now wet and muddy and schoolwork is often online, via zoom or videos. A bustling house with everybody at home just isn’t working for many families and having garden rooms to turn into official homeschools has been a popular option. The children can still get into their uniforms (if it helps), they can still have their walk to school, they go to a dedicated classroom and have the right environment in which to learn. They can then have their breaktimes back inside the house where they feel it is right to relax and then return to the garden for further learning. At the end of this new “school day”, they can then return home and leave the books, the equipment and the mess behind them.

Time For You

Being stuck at home is having a detrimental effect on many people’s mental health right now. If you can’t get to your gym, swimming pool, weekly exercise class etc. then you may well be feeling sluggish and low. Garden rooms can be whatever you need them to be, from a gym to a yoga studio, a place to dance or paint, a reading room or spa. You can easily transform this space to suit your current needs and once this is all over, it can be turned into something completely different. Taking time for yourself right now is so important but just like with work, it can be difficult to focus on that when you are always inside the house. Taking yourself away to a dedicated space for your activity will allow you to work on you and then return home to relax.

garden rooms have increased in popularity

Why Have Garden Rooms Increased In Popularity?

It may well surprise you that garden rooms have been gradually increasing in popularity since 2013. We often think of conservatories as being that new addition to the home and throughout the 90’s this was most definitely the case but since the idea of having a garden cabin came into focus, there has been a steady growth both in sales and the number of companies offering this bespoke service. So what changed? Why have garden rooms increased in popularity over other ways of extending the home? Let’s take a look…

More Garden Time

It seems that there was a shift in attitudes towards gardens and we went from the trend of having a lot of hard landscaping to people becoming more willing to getting their fingers green. This has come about due to our awareness of the impact that plants can have on our environment, the positive effect that a green space can have on our moods and having a place to enjoy a hobby. This extra garden time led to people wanting a little more for their garden and a garden room is a great choice. It can be an outdoor kitchen or bar, a room for gardening, a space for entertaining, an art studio, gym or a simple reading room but with all, it takes you away from your home and out into your garden.

Working From Home

Working from home comes with its difficulties – lack of space, noise, distractions and so on which is why a garden room has become a number one choice for providing a sound place to work from. Add in the current situation with Covid and lockdowns and this has meant that there has been a complete shift in how people work and also the change in mindset for the future. More and more companies have realised that jobs can be performed from home which may well see a rise in the number of people working from home permanently and if this is the case, they will want a home office that will provide them with all of their needs.

garden rooms to home office

Starting A New Business

For those who have longed to start their own business but were unsure about renting out space whether that be in an office or gym or shared work area, a garden room is a long term solution which will pay off. You won’t be sinking money into somebody else’s pocket and you will be able to provide a professional place for clients to visit. A garden room has particularly been a perfect venue for those who have chosen to go into the personal training sector.


In recent years we have all become far more aware of our own physical and mental wellbeing. We know that we cannot function well if we burn ourselves out and we know that with stressful jobs and lifestyles comes problems. Taking more time to care for ourselves, to work out, to take a break has become a positive focus and having a place in which to do all of this is so important. A garden room can give you that place, away from the hustle and bustle of the home. It can be anything you require it to be and this can change as your own needs change which makes it a great investment.

Lack Of Space

Another reason that garden rooms have increased in popularity is due to the lack of space people have in their homes. As their family grows, space becomes more limited but due to high house prices, it can feel as though it is impossible to move. Adding a garden room as an extension of your home allows you to stay put but to gain that space you so desperately need.

Multiple Uses for Garden Rooms

A garden room can be used for whatever purpose you require and the best thing about this is that as your needs change, your garden room can also change. Perhaps you will need it as a garden gym to begin with but it may later become a playroom or teenage den? It could be a dining room by night but a relaxation room by day. You may need it for an art studio one day and use it as a yoga room another day. They are so completely versatile because they are built to the same standard as your home (insulation, heating, electricity, plumbing) and can also be used all year round.

So there we have it, plenty of great reasons as to why a garden room is such a popular choice. If you are ready to make this change, why not give us a call today?

rugs work well in insulated garden rooms

Are Garden Rooms the Most Versatile Option for Your Property?

Garden rooms are having a moment right now. It seems like everyone is either building one, planning one or currently decorating their own. The beautiful thing about garden rooms is they can be used for anything you want, so while your neighbour is building his with a garden bar in mind, your cousin might have built her own bespoke outdoor sewing room!

Great Uses for Garden Rooms

The brilliant thing about building an additional room in your garden is that the building work won’t make any cold and messy disruptions inside your home. You gain extra space without dealing with extra stress. This is likely to be one of the reasons garden rooms have become so popular in recent years.

Below are some of the most popular uses for a garden room:

teens can use garden rooms as a den

A teenager’s den

Giving your teen a place to spend time with their friends is a fantastic idea. It allows them the freedom they desperately crave, while giving you the reassurance you need that they really are where they say they are. Set the room up with comfy places to sit – a sofa and some extra bean bags should provide relaxed seating options (and the bean bags can be packed away while they’re not in use). If you’ve got a teen who loves gaming, put the games console out there too. If they have their own gaming room, it reduces squabbles over who gets control of the TV.

A grown up sitting room

garden rooms sitting rooms

Having kids can leave you feeling like you don’t have anything for yourself any more. Your lounge has likely be dominated by toys and hours of kids TV, what was once a relaxing bathroom will no doubt be overrun by floating toys and rubber ducks, and the whole place probably feels more geared to children than it does adults. Having a grown up sitting room in your garden gives you something that’s just for you. It allows you to decorate based on your tastes (rather than opting for whatever doesn’t show up stains very well). Having a room that’s just for you is the perfect place to relax at the end of a long day.

Garden rooms make great hobby rooms

Whether your passion is woodwork or knitting, chances are you’ve got a pile of kit that needs a home and you’re in need of a place to work. Hobbies are proven to improve your mental health, so it’s really important to follow your passions. The only problem is, hobbies tend to take up a fair bit of space. The deeper into the hobby you get, the more kit you’ll acquire that helps with that hobby. Just ask any knitter how much wool they have – it’s likely to be a room full! Having a room specifically for your hobby means you can keep everything in one place. That way your equipment is less likely to spill over into communal living areas and the rest of your house can be kept tidy. A room of your own to concentrate on your hobby will give you hours of uninterrupted relaxation.

why are garden rooms popular?

Why Have Garden Rooms Become So Popular?

Garden rooms sales are most definitely on the up and with recent reports suggesting that the popularity of them has grown to around 30-40% in the last few years it may have you wondering exactly what has happened to turn what once was a shed into a fashionable must-have room. 

Here’s our take on why garden rooms have become so popular…

Cost of Selling/Buying

With house prices still on the increase and selling costs being pretty astronomical it is clear that more and more people are choosing to stay where they are for much longer. You will always get those who will try and sit it out but how long will that be for?

If you are desperate for more space or want to add value to your home for the future then a garden room is perfect for all of this. One of the biggest reasons for selling up is to gain more space, but if your garden allows for it you could build another room for your hobbies or work at a snippet of the price of buying a new home.

garden rooms provide space


Following on nicely from my above point, space is an ever-growing issue for today’s families. With more children comes more stuff and more stuff means less and less room inside of your home. A great way to tackle this is to extend but what if this isn’t an option to you? Then a garden room can be the answer. Whether you need a playroom, a quiet room to escape the hustle and bustle or a teenage den, a build in your garden can provide all of this.


A lot of the newer build homes come with very little storage space. New plots squeeze homes in and this usually results in nice sized rooms but with very little (if any) cupboard/storage space. If you have a good sized garden, however, you could use this to your advantage by building a garden room in which you could store items you don’t need daily access to. You can have bespoke cupboards built inside to hide it away which would also allow you to then use your garden room for another function. 

garden rooms can be a great office

Working From Home

Working from home has also been on the increase with reports suggesting that it has gone up by a fifth in the last decade. However, not many homes are kitted out with a home office which means that work either happens in a spare room, on the sofa or at a kitchen/dining table. It isn’t the ideal setting and can often be very counter-productive. To have the opportunity to build a home office in your garden, to have a place solely for your job and somewhere you can leave at the end of the day is becoming a popular choice for many people. 

Space for You

Escaping the rat race can be hard to do. We have easy access to computers and work stuff and it can be so simple to just sit at home and log on and never switch our brains off. Having a place to retreat to, to relax in, to just be you in is becoming more and more desirable but if you have to go out and do this it can be very off-putting to make that time. A garden room can provide that escapism right on your doorstep.

Garden rooms can provide so much for you and your home from adding extra space to adding more value to your home, providing a dedicated working area or a space just for you. 

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