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Get back to nature this spring Birdwatching from your garden shed room

Get Back To Nature This Spring: Birdwatching From Your Garden Shed Room

Spring has sprung, and suddenly nature is all around us! Camellias are in bloom, tulips are poking through the ground and birds are happily chirping away in the trees.

Birdwatching is a peaceful and relaxing activity which enjoyed by many, children and adults alike. If you have a garden shed room to act as a ‘hide’ in which to sit and survey your garden, you might be surprised at how many different birds you can spot!

Birdwatching from your garden shed room

To start birdwatching (or ‘birding’) from the sanctuary of your garden shed room you will first need a few things.

Get back to nature this spring Birdwatching from your garden shed room

In order to attract birds to your garden, you need to offer them food! A large bird table, with hanging seed and nut feeders will attract many different species. Make sure this is kept away from borders where predators such as cats can hide; the birds will feel safer and be more likely to stop for a snack if they can see that there is no danger.

If you’re looking to attract blue tits, then bird boxes can be affixed to walls and you can watch them coming and going. Remember that some species of birds prefer ground level; it is here you can find the blackbirds, searching for worms.

Binoculars are a must-have, so that you can watch from the safety of your garden shed room windows without scaring any birds off.

Keeping quiet and still is key. If the birds aren’t aware of your presence they’ll come and go as they please giving you some amazing views.

A guide to British birds is useful, so that you can identify the species which you have seen in your garden.

A poster of British birds is an easy reference, and it might be a nice addition to the inside of your garden shed room. Common British birds which you’re most like to spot in your garden are:

Get back to nature this spring Birdwatching from your garden shed room
  1. House sparrows
  2. Starlings
  3. Blue tits
  4. Woodpigeons
  5. Blackbirds
  6. Goldfinches
  7. Great tits
  8. Robins
  9. Long-tailed tits
  10. Magpies

Obviously, the most common birds depends on the area of the UK that you live in. However, if you are lucky you may find that rarer species of British birds including woodpeckers, colourful parakeets and even sparrowhawks or majestic red kites can be enticed into your garden.

You’ll never know until you give it a go!

The best time for garden birdwatching is early in the morning.

If you’re the type who doesn’t like to sleep in, then make a cup of tea and get out into your garden room before breakfast to see the birds as they start on their beautiful dawn chorus.

Of course if you aren’t the early morning type, all is not lost; of course there are some birds, such as owls, which come out once dusk hits.

If you are into photography, a long lens and a tripod set up at the window could help you to capture some beautiful images of your winged visitors. If you print them you can hang them up inside your garden shed birdwatching room.

The most important thing though is to relax and enjoy yourself, surrounded by nature.

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