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garden summer house ideas

Garden Summer House Ideas for Your Modern Garden Room

If you’re planning a on building a garden room but need some inspiration, these garden summer house ideas will be right up your street. Most people feel clueless in the early stages of planning, so seeking inspiration is a must. From where to have your summer house built, to what you should out in it, these garden summer house ideas have got you covered.

Garden Summer House Ideas

These tips and suggestions will help you plan a garden summer house that’s perfect for you.

Where to build your garden summer house

To help your garden retain as much space as possible, build build the summer house at the end of your garden. Building a garden room at the front or middle of your garden will make the garden look much smaller. Plan your route to the end of your garden. For example is the pathway clear? Should you add a gravel path or stepping stones so that you don’t get muddy on rainy days? 

It also pays to consider how the path to the summer house will be lit. If your garden lighting will illuminate your way right to the door of your summer house, then nothing needs to be done. If your garden is long and the outdoor lighting doesn’t stretch, consider using a string of LED lights to guide the way.

Decorate your garden accordingly

Think about what sort of vibe you want your summer house to have. If your garden summer house ideas are centred around a traditional English country garden feel, consider in investing in plants and accessories to reflect that. Cottage garden flowers such as wisteria, rambling roses and catmint all fit into that English garden ideal. An archways over the path leading up to the summer house is also a nice touch. Use climbing plants to decorate the arch and add to the greenery in the garden. Delicate garden furniture positioned outside your summer house for those sunny days will add to the look. 

garden summer house ideas

To paint, or not to paint

There’s something to be said for leaving your summer house with its traditional wooden finish. It radiates style and looks classy and sophisticated. On the other hand, if your garden is full of colour, it would be a shame to miss an opportunity to add more. People who paint their summer houses tend to favour pastel colours, with pink and blue being the most popular. It can add to any ‘cottagey’ feel you’re trying to achieve, and will brighten your garden as you view it from the house.

painted garden summer house ideas

It’s what’s inside that counts

In the spirit of keeping your garden room looking modern, it pays to think of a theme and stick to it. Whatever style your interior design has been inspired by, it’s sensible to try and keep as much space as possible. Don’t overcrowd the room with bulky furniture or home accessories. If you garden summer house ideas are very centred around colours, try not to use too many. Lots of colours in a small space can be overbearing. Adapt whichever style you choose for the space you’ve got, and you’ll always be happy with the result. 

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