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Grey summer house ideas for inside

On-Trend Accessories for Your Grey Summer House

A grey summer house is sought after addition to any garden. With grey being the colour of the moment, it’s not a surprise that preference should extend to garden rooms.

Depending on what type of summer house you opt for, grey cladding could be an option for the room’s exterior. Rendered garden rooms are available in up to 800 colours, meaning you could choose almost any colour you can think of for the exterior of your summer house.

On-Trend Accessories for Your Grey Summer House

Once the summer house has been built, the real fun can begin! Decorating your grey summer house is bound to be a project you thoroughly enjoy. Planning for it can take some time, especially if you want it to end up just right.

Consider adding some of these must-have accessories to your shopping list. They will complement and contrast with the gorgeous grey interior.

Decorate the Walls

Although white is thought to complement a grey interior best, don’t rule out shades of grey too. Providing you don’t go for anything too dark and overpowering for the size of the room, grey walls can look very stylish. 

Choosing wall-hangings and wall-art will brighten up the room and make the decor look finished. Macramé or woven wall-hangings can add character, while displaying wall-art from indie designers can create a contemporary finish.

Whatever you choose to do, try to avoid leaving the walls entirely plain. Grey rooms can look slightly clinical if you don’t add a personal touches.

Choose Grey Furniture

For a grey summer house, grey furniture is a must. A grey clam sofa would look stylish in a minimalist setting. If you like to add a small pop of colour to break up the greys, colourful scatter cushions are the way to do it. Mustard is a favourite to pair grey, while pink can add a more feminine touch. If you’d rather break up the grey without bright colours, consider some monotone cushions to add a bit of depth to the colour choice.

Illuminate the Room

Lamps can provide a varied source of light. A dim lamp can bring soft light conditions for cosy nights in front of the TV. Or if you prefer to spend time reading a lamp shining down on your book can bring added illumination. 

Antique gold style lamps go well with grey interiors, as do other metallic tones such as copper and rose gold. Bare bulb lamps can give a pared back stylish look to a room.

Add a Dash of Life with Plants

plants for a grey summer house

If you’ve got the time to care for them, plants can add personality to a grey interior. If you’re creating a grey summer house, that doesn’t mean everything needs to be grey. A dash of greenery can freshen the room up and give it a modern feel.

Indoor hanging plants have gained popularity. A string of hearts plant looks great as an indoor hanging plants. It only needs a small amount of light to thrive but too much can be a bad thing. Be mindful of where you place the plant to avoid the leaves getting scorched. An area of your summer house that spends most of the day in shade would be a perfect position.

Don’t forget to add your own final touches to the room to make it feel more like home. A stylish grey summer house is a fantastic addition, but it’s important to remember it’s a room to relax in. Don’t get so caught up in making it perfect that you forget to enjoy it!

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