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grow your own in your garden room

Can You Grow Your Own In Your Garden Room? Yes!

A garden room, as you know, can have many functions and here at Modern Garden Rooms, we love to talk about those as often as possible because it really drives home how invaluable having one on your property can be. However, have we mentioned that you can also use one for growing your own? Whether you have a small garden with little growing space, you want to start off your seedlings indoors or you simply want to add a touch of interest to your building, here’s how you really can grow your own in your garden room.

What Makes a Garden Room Ideal for Growing?

Firstly, let’s take a look at what makes a garden room ideal for growing your own. The main reasons are the amount of natural light you have, warmth as all garden rooms are insulated, access to electricity if you need to provide warming lamps or LED lamps for additional lighting, space to pot up and tend to them plus you being regularly present to check on your crops.

Seed Sowing

One of the main reasons people begin sowing their seeds indoors is to give their fruit and veg a good chance (we don’t get the most predictable weather in spring in the UK, do we?!) By providing these with a warm, sunny spot and a place where you can monitor their progress i.e. water when required, move around, ensure they aren’t becoming leggy, then you have far more chance of success once these are moved outdoors.

grow your own in your garden room

Small Garden Problems

If you have a small garden you may be limited on space for growing your own or you may have completely thrown that idea out of the window but just because you don’t have adequate outdoor space it doesn’t mean you need to give up completely. Many fruits and vegetables can be grown from seed to final produce indoors. Such examples are tomatoes, lemon trees, spinach, chives, peppers, lettuces, rosemary, thyme, cress and kale. By taking some time to research what would work well, how to care for these, looking at the ideal conditions your garden room could provide them, you could make this a very successful growing room.


Herbs will happily be grown indoors as long as they have the appropriate light, space and water. A windowsill is usually all they need making them a great starting point if you are new to growing your own. You can start them off yourself from seed or you can often purchase these as ready grown from supermarkets or garden centres. By tending to these, you should be able to keep them producing more and more throughout the year. The great thing about growing herbs indoors is that your room will also be blessed with some wonderful aromas.


If growing your own doesn’t mean fruit and veg for you perhaps plants and flowers are more up your street? Just like with growing veg, plants can be grown from seeds or from cuttings and love a good warm, sunny spot in which to flourish. Not only is this a cheaper way of making your home a little more interesting but it is also a really interesting way of adding some colour and greenery to your space. You never know, if you get really good at it you could start selling them too.

As you can see, if you want to grow your own in your garden room it really is doable and it will be really rewarding.

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