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Alternative Uses for Garden Home Office Buildings

Home office buildings are usually just that – a building that houses your home office. But what if they need to be something else too?

Your accountant might advise you that home office buildings need more than one purpose. If you use your garden room solely for business, you might be required to pay capital gains tax when you sell your property. 

If you use your home office building for other, non-business related reasons, you might not have to pay that extra tax (which could save you a big chunk on cash). That’s why it’s a great idea to look into other uses for your garden office.

Alternative Uses for Home Office Buildings

Using your home office for leisure activities when you’re not working is a great idea. It means you’re really getting your money’s worth and can help avoid any extra taxes when you sell your home.

Below are some brilliant suggestions for alternative ways you can use home office buildings.

Home Office Buildings Can Double Up As Sitting Rooms

If there’s space in your office for a TV and a small sofa, then your office can go from day to night and seamlessly transform into a comfy place to relax. Luckily, garden offices usually have WiFi access, meaning you can set up your favourite streaming service ready for some serious binge-watching at the end of a hard day.

Turn Your Home Office Buildings Into A Relaxing Outdoor Home Yoga Studio

Did Somebody Say Workout Studio?

Sitting at your desk all day isn’t healthy. In fact, it’s essential that you squeeze exercise into your day to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Working from home can mean you’re more likely to make excuses to avoid exercise.

Ensuring your office can double up as a workout space means you have no real reason not to fit in a bit of activity. Whether you do a downward dog on your dinner break, or a spot of post-meeting pilates, if you’ve got space – use it.

A Garden Bar Will Impress Friends and Clients

Sometimes you work might require that you pop open the champagne. Other times, a busy week might leave you in need of a catch up over a wine or two with your closest friends. Either way, giving your garden room the ability to transition into a garden bar when the mood takes you is an excellent move. A bar with stools is compact, meaning it won’t get in the way of your working day. Another positive is that it only takes a few seconds to transform your workplace into your very own pub, meaning you’ll have an after work drink in your hand faster than your can say ‘cheers’! Just remember to clear away your empties before you see clients the next day!

Pick Up Your Hobbies in Peace

Some people just need to be alone when they’re working on their hobbies. From practising an instrument to learning a new language, certain hobbies need peace and quiet (and no interruptions). Create space in your office to work on your hobbies when the work day is over. A garden room is especially handy if your hobbies are artistic because it give you somewhere to store your supplies without cluttering up your house.

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