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How Can You Use Your Garden Room This Winter?

With the winter setting in, you may want to look at different ways in which you choose to use your garden room now. One of the joys of investing in a garden room is that it can changed up and used in a variety of ways as your lifestyle or even the seasons change.

In the summer, your garden room may have made the perfect tea room, outdoor dining area or yoga studio but what could it’s purpose be during the winter? Let’s explore some ideas here…

1. A Playroom

With the weather becoming colder and wetter you may not be able to meet friends at the park or enjoy those woodland walks as much as you have done earlier on in the year so why not bring something new to the table?

A garden room makes a fantastic play room because your children will have their very own space to play freely, it doesn’t matter too much about the mess as it isn’t happening inside your house, they will be just as warm and comfortable as they would be inside their home and they can be as noisy as they like!

2. A Home Cinema Room

Everybody loves to snuggle up in front of a good film in the winter with popcorn and a warm hot chocolate but what a luxury it would be if you could have a room dedicated to this?! By installing a large screen TV or a projector, you could enjoy your favourite movies in the same way as you would at the cinema just with all of your own home comforts.

How Can You Use Your Garden Room This Winter? Movie night

3. Your Retreat

We’ve all spent a lot of time at home this year and if you’ve been working from home too, you may be a little sick of looking at the same four walls so your garden room could be the ideal place for a little light relief. It could be a relaxation room, a meditation room, a reading nook and a place to gather your thoughts. Research tells us that taking just 10-20 minutes each day to reflect, rest, clear our cluttered minds can help immensely with our mental health and if you can create a safe place in which to do this you will be more likely to make that time for you.

4. Indoor Camping

Camping can be such a fun activity to do as a family but the winter months can prove to be a little too chilly for this, especially if you have younger children. So why not still keep the sleepover fun and ‘camp out’ in your garden room instead? You could still use the garden for an open fire and to star gaze but then return to your warm building for hot drinks, bedtime stories and a comfortable night’s sleep.

5. Christmas!!

And we couldn’t write this lovely list and miss out the BIG day now, could we? Yep, why not create a Christmas to remember with a room dedicated to fun, food, drinks, laughter, present giving, dancing and memory making? A garden room makes a stunning and also practical place to host the Christmas festivities this year.

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