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Insulated Shed vs Garden Summer House: Pros & Cons

An insulated shed might be a more common garden building than a summer house, but will it be sufficient for your needs? Any type of garden building can be useful in general terms, but if you’ve more specific ideas about what you’ll do out there, a summer house might be a better solution.

This list of pros and cons might help you decide which type of garden room will best suit you and your family.

Pros & Cons of an Insulated Shed

If you’re considering getting an insulated shed, but need a balanced perspective of whether it’s the right option for you, then look no further than this helpful list of pros and cons.

Insulated shed: the pros

May be cheaper to adapt an existing shed

Lots of properties already have a shed these days – so if you’ve got one in your garden or are moving to a property that has one, your initial outlay could be relatively small; you just need to buy the insulation.

Although not all sheds will have been insulated when they were built, it might be cheaper to insulate your existing shed, than to fork out for a brand new summer house.

Could be a low-cost, basic solution for small gardens

If your garden is on the small side and you only need something basic, an insulated shed could meet your needs without breaking the bank. Going for a no-frills option that’s small and space-saving, could keep costs low and free up you cash to spend on your hobbies.

Insulated shed: the cons

An insulated garden shed with three windows

Can be dark inside

Most insulated sheds will have one window and no other way to let natural light in. This can mean there are low levels of light, even on a bright day, which can make you feel like you’re working in the dark.

May be costly and inconvenient to add a power supply

If your shed wasn’t hooked up to a power supply when it was built, it could be a real pain to add one at a later date. If you have a large garden and your shed is positioned a large distance from your house, the costs might soon mount up when you get someone in to deal with the power. Although, depending on your circumstances, this could still be the cheapest option for your needs – so don’t rule it out!

Pros & Cons of a Summer House

A garden summer house might tick more boxes than an insulated shed.

Summer house: pros

why are timber summer houses better than insulated sheds?

Can be built to your requirements

If you’re having a summer house build specifically to fit your needs, you’ll end up with a more bespoke end product, meaning you won’t have to compromise. This would be a great idea if you have a very specific use in mind for it.

Lets in lots of natural light

Summer houses tend to have lots of windows. This means that even on a cloudy day, lots of natural light will fill your garden building and artificial light can be used sparingly. Not only is this kind to the environment – you’ll also save stacks on your electricity bill.

Summer house: cons

Can cost more to build

Compared to a basic shed, building a summer house is likely to cost a fair bit. If you’re looking for a budget option, building a summer house from scratch probably isn’t it. You need to consider why you wanted a summer house in the first place and if anything else will cut it. If the answer is no, then it’s worth every penny of the higher price tag.

Some summer houses need planning permission

Although the majority of summer houses don’t need any form of planning permission, some do, which could cause problems. The need for planning permission depends on the size, position and intended use of the summer house. If the summer house you have your eye on will take up more than half of the total plot area, then planning permission is needed. That said, in most cases, it’s unlikely you’ll commission a summer house of that size.

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