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What Your Interior Design Taste Says About You

Just like the clothes we wear, home decor and interior design trends come and go, but instead of choosing a style based on such trends, you might find that styling your home based on your personality can make it feel more “you”.
The way you decorate your home says a lot about who you are and your personality. It can help you understand your preferences, personal style and also help identify how you can make changes to your current decor.

Is your ideal home a minimalist paradise or a traditional haven? Take our quiz to find out what interior style says about you!

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You prefer a minimalist lifestyle. Function and affordability matter most to you over luxurious items. You’re generally very relaxed and like to add your own unique twist to your surroundings. Your life is all about being comfortable, having lots of space around and not losing sight of your sense of style.

Bold and Loud

You like to make a statement by injecting your colourful personality into your home. You may have an abundance of colour schemes that communicate many aspects of your lifestyle. You’re naturally outgoing, creative and like to feel inspired by your surroundings.


You’re a deep thinker and like to show your boldness by setting a relaxing, decadent and sophisticated atmosphere in your home that exudes confidence and a sense of calm and cosiness all at once.


You like to blur the lines between the indoors and outdoors to fully immerse yourself in the wonders of nature. You’re an advocate of eco-friendly living and incorporate a sustainable lifestyle in your day-to-day activities. The various shades of green in your home create feelings of ambition and reduce stress, giving you a calmer outlook on life.


You’re an advocate of ever-lasting style. You’re careful about your purchases and like to display things in your home that tell a story. You’re inspired by history and have a naturally curious flair with a penchant for intertwining styles from different eras to produce your own unique home.


You possess a natural ability to feel content with the things you have as opposed to constantly wishing for more. You accept the imperfections that come with the nature of life and find beauty in everything that would otherwise be deemed incomplete.

How a Garden Gym Can Revolutionise Your Training

Why Having a Garden Gym can Revolutionise your Lifestyle

Whilst we’re a top choice for a new garden office or art studio – one of the most popular uses for our modern garden rooms is that of a garden gym.
With more and more people taking an interest in fitness and their own health, it is an investment in which the returns can be priceless for your health and wellbeing. UK gym membership spending is up by 44%, especially with budget gyms like PureGym and The Gym Group taking the UK by storm. However we’ve found that approximately 60% of the population actually prefer to exercise outside – with 40% of being women.
statistic on home gyms modern garden rooms
Let’s be honest – gyms can be pricey in the long-run. Sometimes these spaces of exercise are overwhelming and possibly even intimidating to be around – not to mention finding the time to go to the gym can be daunting in itself. Your own personal gym could be the right answer if you’re after your own equipment, time, privacy and most importantly a space to completely be yourself. No more nasty terms and conditions to surprise you for not going regularly!
If you’re looking to give your fitness levels a boost and revolutionise the way you train, then installing a garden room complete with gym equipment is a fantastic idea. Below we take a look at some of the advantages of your own fabulous modern garden gym, as well as things to consider for your own garden gym:
Benefits of a garden gym - modern garden rooms

The privacy is precious

If you’re new to training, it can be particularly embarrassing to exercise in public. Whilst in reality, nobody is really bothered about what you are doing or what you look like, the perception is that everybody is looking at you whilst you are wheezing away on the running machine, red faced with sweat dripping everywhere. You may also be uncomfortable with the communal changing rooms and showers.
Imagine the sheer delight of exercising and building muscle in the comfort and privacy of your own garden gym. With the discomfort and embarrassment banished, you’re free to concentrate on what matters, training and getting fit.

You’ll train more

The external look of your garden room should be both inviting and aesthetically appealing to match with the rest of your house. Garden gyms need to be inviting as remember – a typical gym inspires activity and confidence before a workout which your own garden gym needs to replicate!
Even if you love going to the gym, sometimes it can be difficult to find the time to go. Work, family and your social life can all get in the way and you can easily miss a few weeks training before you’ve even realised it. That’s why a garden gym is so useful. Set in the privacy of your own garden, you don’t need to drive there or make any effort to leave the house. Simply step out into your garden and into your garden gym and start training.

A garden gym will save you money over time

If you currently pay a monthly fee for using a local gym, then you probably paying somewhere between £25 and £50 per month, possibly more. That means you could be paying upwards of £600 per year. Compared to a garden gym, once you’ve factored in the initial cost of purchase, installation and equipment, you then have virtually no ongoing running costs. Within just a handful of years, you’ll actually be saving money every time you train.

It increases your flexibility

Choosing the exact equipment you want in your gym allows you to make excellent use of your own space – and can even result in you exercising more often! When you’re done with a days’ work, putting the kids to bed or need to let off the steam you can ‘nip to the gym’ just a few yards away.

Make it your own studio

Our range of garden rooms has the capacity and atmosphere to suit your workout needs. Having your own garden gym doesn’t have to be all about having the latest fitness machines and weights in there as it’s becoming increasingly popular to diversify how you train in a multitude of different sports and activities. Thanks to the Ultimate Fighting Championship, more and more people are turning to sports like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo to keep fit, learn self defense and sometimes compete. Often, because of the need for a matted area, you are limited to training at your local gym/dojo. However, with your own garden room, you could easily have this matted and have a home training facility for you, friends and family.

Trying to juggle the demands on life can be a very hard thing to do. Our garden gyms are quick to install and customisable, which means you can get furnishing right away. One of the best ways to use your space optimally is to carefully plan and your garden rooms’ features during the design process. This allows for forward planning and can even save you from buying unnecessary equipment/add-ons in the long run.
The main key to creating your garden gym is to carefully consider the following:

The equipment

After careful consideration of the kind of garden room you want – the next thing you’re probably going to think about is the exercise apparatus you’re going to install. With garden rooms being relatively small in height compared to other rooms in your home, machines like treadmills may be an issue.
The flooring and walls you choose will highly determine what equipment you install. Many garden room owners love wall-to-wall glass, however this can limit your placement of equipment (though might not be a huge concern to other owners) if you’re after a fair amount of privacy. Your flooring needs to be well thought out if you intend to do more weight training, so selecting specially made rubber gym matting can make a huge difference to the quality and life of your flooring.

Your motivation levels

You need to realistically ask yourself if you can fit time around your busy schedule to make use of your own gym. If you find that going to a gym with others doesn’t fit around your work-life pattern then a garden room gym is highly recommended to combat this problem.
One of the main benefits of having your own gym is knowing you have everything you need in the comfort of your own home to maintain your physique and improve on your fitness, eliminating any need to consider joining a local gym, as well as travelling to and fro.

Your space

Installing gym equipment is just one part of the equation when it comes to making your garden room gym feel like one. We encourage you to really think about the space as a whole, the wall colouring, decor, flooring and everything else to the last detail.
You want your space to be inviting and give you a sense of motivation to walk in and exercise. Coming home to a garden room with drab interiors doesn’t inspire much confidence. We also recommend using your current garden design around your garden room to help it blend in with the rest of the home, promoting synergy in your home design.

The Interior Design

A garden room is a life-long investment. Should you ever wish to sell your property then a garden room will also add considerable value to a potential buyer. By keeping your garden room gym design up to date, inviting and feel like a workout space. But you should also consider and be flexible towards change – maybe it can double up as a guest room or turn into a new play room if you intend to start a family.

Utility and Ventilation

Even though this isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, it is in fact one of the most important aspects when designing your garden room. Should you decide to use it as a garden room gym, you will need to consider your lighting, heating and placement of sockets.
To avoid untidy cable runs we generally build sockets into the floor. A common form of lighting our customers ask for are spotlights with multiple circuits (as to dim/light up some parts of the garden room) – due to their lack of heat generation. They are also a beneficial form of energy saving functions.
Sound systems are popular in modern day gyms as they inspire motivation and provide a ‘workout atmosphere’. It is worth discussing with our designers if you’d like recessed speakers or installation of a TV. You can also discuss the possibility of installing a shower/toilet and changing rooms should you wish to make your space.

If you would like to have your own garden gym or would simply like a discussion about what we can offer then don’t hesitate to contact us for help on 01423 603026 or email [email protected]

Shaun from Windlesham (April 2018)

5m x 3m canopy room “I just wanted to add that the construction process was seamless and thoroughly professional. Rob and Lewis were an absolute delight to have around, put workers everywhere to shame and did it all with a sense of humour and kind consideration for us. I can’t praise them highly enough. The building itself will be linked up to the electricity supply today….but it seems to me that so far the quality of the materials and the finished product matches the lads who built it - excellent.”    
Shaun from Windlesham (April 2018)

Andy from St Albans (July 2018)

5m x 5m border room “All paid thanks – the room is awesome.”  
Andy from St Albans (July 2018)

Mark from Dursley (June 2018)

5m x 4m canopy room The garden room is complete and we are very pleased with it. Lewis & Sam have carried out a first class build and it was a pleasure having them around and watching proper tradesman work - top job!”  
Mark from Dursley (June 2018)

Sara from Brentwood (May 2018)

"The garden room is great, and Lewis and Matt were brilliant. They worked extremely hard, were neat, tidy and polite – we would highly recommend you and the team going forward.”  
Sara from Brentwood (May 2018)

Harry from Warwick (August 2018)

"The room looks great and the guys were awesome – very polite and considerate. I’ve never seen builders work so hard and produce a product of that quality – they are a credit to the company.”  
Harry from Warwick (August 2018)

Paul from Rochester (April 2017)

“Mike, Jonny just a quick email to say how pleased we are with the garden room. The whole process from initial contact to completion was first class. Please pass on our thanks to Rob and his team - their workmanship was excellent and nothing was too much trouble. A job very well done thank you.”
Paul from Rochester (April 2017)

Lizzie from Chiswick (June 2017)

“From start to finish it was a pleasure to work with you guys. You have a straightforward, good product which you sell well (loved all the diagrams you sent at the start) and then when it goes up it looks fab. The boys had great attention to detail and the finish is top notch. Rob and Harry were brilliant and it was a pleasure to have them working hard in my garden over 3 weeks. They were super tidy, were polite about my tea and coffee, worked really hard and always came up with a good solution to any problems that arose. A can do attitude is always so much appreciated by us customers and they had that in spades!”
Lizzie from Chiswick (June 2017)

Simon from Epsom (April 2018)

5m x 4m concave room Hello guys, We are really pleased with the room you did for us this time last year, the room is bedding into the garden well.  
Simon from Epsom (April 2018)

Sara from Brentwood

The garden room is great, and Lewis and Matt were brilliant. They worked extremely hard, were neat, tidy and polite – we would highly recommend you and the team going forward.
Sara from Brentwood

Hamza from Wraybury (June 2018)

8m x 11.5m border room Hi Rob, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your hard work on the project! It was a real pleasure working with and knowing you. You were extremely professional from day one and very accommodating - a true gentleman. The quality of work was impressive and if you yourself ever needed a personal recommendation for any potential clients please feel free to let me know - I will be happy to take the time to speak with them. I wish you the very best of luck for the future. Please make sure to keep safe when you go riding. You have been a good man to have work on the building and I cant thank you enough.    
Hamza from Wraybury (June 2018)