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Seven Ways To Keep Cool In Your Garden

Finding ways to keep cool in our unpredictable British weather can be so tough. We are so often caught out as we go from chilly to a heat wave, to rain, back to a heat wave so how can we ensure that we are always prepared to deal with this heat at anytime?

Here are seven ways to keep cool in your garden… No matter what time of year!

Less Hard Landscaping, More Planting

When we remove the greenery from our gardens and replace this with paving slabs, tiles, concrete, stones and so on, we are inadvertently warming this area. The heat is absorbed by these materials and as these heat, so does the surrounding area. By planting more flowers, trees or plants you will be naturally cooling your garden with little effort.

Garden Friendly Trees

Trees will not only help to cool the air but they will also provide you with adequate shade during the day. Just one tree in a corner can make a big difference to the way your garden looks and feels.

Build a Pergola

Building a pergola over the top of your seating area not only makes a beautiful feature in your garden but it is also a great way to cool it down for everybody. Planting creepers that will trail across the top will add interest to the look and these will naturally help to cool the air and provide you with shade.

keep cool in your garden

Install a Gazebo

Gazebos are a popular choice in many gardens. They area available in material, plastic or wooden designs and can be placed in your sunniest spot to help to keep everyone cool and out of the UV rays. The benefit of having a portable gazebo is that you can take it down during the winter, put it up on the hotter days and move it around the garden to where it is needed.

Garden Room

A garden room is a fantastic way of keeping cool in your garden because you can install air conditioning within this building, sit inside and keep your body at a more comfortable temperature whilst still enjoying the view of your garden.

Water Feature

Having water in your garden will instantly help to cool the air surrounding it. Whether you opt for a large pond or smaller water feature, all will have their benefits which include cooling, relaxing you and providing a sanctuary for insects and wildlife.


If you are fortunate enough to have the space for a swimming pool or even a paddling pool this will instantly help to cool down everybody in your garden whilst providing loads of fun. If you want more shade for your pool you could also consider having one inside your garden room which we talk about in this article here.

By following just some of these simple steps you will be able to enjoy your garden in the summer heat and all year round.

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