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Lagom Living in your Garden Cabin (1)

Introduce Your Summer Cabin to the Concept of Lagom living

When you own a summer cabin, the temptation can be to kit it out to the max. If you have an extra large garden, you might want your summer cabin to be a luxurious focal point that prides itself in excess. 

While there’s nothing wrong with a little luxury, too much opulence can overdo it. This can make your summer garden room look gaudy or try-hard, which is likely to be the furthest thing from your original intentions.

That’s where the concept of ‘Lagom‘ comes in. It’s another Swedish lifestyle word to add to our repertoire and it focuses on having enough. That perfect balance between too little and too much. Decorating your summer cabin is a fantastic place to get to grips with the new concept.

How to Introduce Your Summer Cabin to Lagom Living

Lagom is a wonderful concept to live by. It helps reduce waste and encourages you to live a life of balance, without excess. It doesn’t mean going without and can be a fantastic way of looking after your finances.

Below are some easy ways to incorporate Lagom living into styling your summer cabin.

Lagom Living in your Garden Cabin (1)

Don’t Over-Style Your Summer Cabin

When it comes to interior design, the temptation can be to go all in. While completionists might find it very satisfying to to invest in fully committing to an interior style, the truth is, you just don’t need to! Giving a strong hint of a design style rather than spelling it out can still create that wow-factor. 

Only Buy What You Need

It goes without saying that your garden cabin room will need furnishing, but buying the furniture in stages can ensure you don’t go overboard. Rather than purchasing a furniture set immediately, go for the minimum at first, then add to it. You may not need as much seating as you first expected. The idea of Lagom is that you aim for what’s sufficient and you stop once you’re there. 

Bring the Concept Inside Your House

When you’ve nailed contentment in the beautiful equilibrium of your cabin, it’s time to take the concept inside your house. You might soon realise you need to declutter. A light clear-out should suffice, as you’re not aiming for minimalism – only shedding the excess.

Use Your Garden Room to Reflect

Once your garden cabin has been set up for comfort in Lagom, it’s time to consider how you can create more balance throughout your life. The Lagom philosophy goes way beyond interior design and a cosy living style. It can be a beneficial overarching theme in other areas of your life. 

Consider applying this philosophy to every aspect of your existence, even down to your wardrobe and how you navigate the supermarket. The pursuit of less without missing out on what you need can also save you thousands over the years.

Not only will your finances be in better shape, it’s likely that your lower commercial consumption will help save the planet too. If you buy fewer things you don’t need, you create less waste and leave a smaller carbon footprint.

We could all do with a bit more Lagom living, but a summer cabin is a great place to start.

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