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Large Garden Buildings – What Need to Know Before You Build

If you’re lucky enough to have a big garden, chances are, you’ve looked into large garden buildings. The type of building you’re looking for largely dictates the costs involved, rules around building, and the time it takes to build. 

Large garden buildings are also quite subjective. One person might consider a garage with a loft as a large building, while someone else might be hoping to build a small cottage on their property. Both buildings qualify as large, but they will involve very different costs and building time.

This list covers the types of large garden buildings, the rules around building them and the average length of time to takes to build. 

Popular Large Garden Buildings

When you own a home with a large garden, adding a garden structure is great idea. Most garden buildings are multifunctional, meaning if you get bored, you can change how you use it. Even a garage can be made into a living area with a few tweaks. 

Before deciding on the type of garden building you’d like, consider the cost and how long it takes to build.

Large 8m x 4m Canopy Garden Room

This is a really popular structure when homeowners are looking to add something special to their garden. It can be used as a sitting room, garden office, garden bar, yoga studio or anything else you might fancy!

A large canopy garden room has power, is fully insulated and looks great with its timber cladding. The average cost of something like this is in the region of £35,000, but smaller sizes cost less. Construction time can take 1-3 weeks and you’ll need a professional appointment to design it. Planning permission often isn’t needed for this type of structure.

12ft x 8ft Large Wooden Shed

Although sheds aren’t ideal for living spaces, they definitely have their uses. Sheds are traditionally great for budget storage options as they’re a secure building and much cheaper than building a garage. Pet-lovers are big fans too, dedicating large sheds to keeping pet rabbit and guinea pigs in a free-roam environment.

The cost of something like this is usually around £1400 if you build it yourself and planning permission is not usually needed. You might want to hire a handy man for assembly if you’re not good with a tool kit, so it’s best to ring around for quotes. If a someone who knows what they’re doing assembles this, it could be done in a day.

12m² Metal Shed

Metal sheds with no windows are a handy basic option. These come in at about £500, but you’re unlikely to be able to use it for anything other than storage. They tend to be quite hardy and weather resistant, but they’re very industrial-looking and might ruin the aesthetic of your garden if you don’t fancy painting it. Like the shed listed above, assembly should be completed within a day by a professional. Planning permission is not usually needed.

Large Brick Garage

large garden buildings

The measurements of a large brick garage don’t tend to have a standard suggestion. A professional will design your garage based on your needs and the space available. Planning permission is not usually needed, but if the designer suggests you apply for it, then you must before building work commences.

For a large structure, it’s likely to cost around £35,000 and can take anything from two weeks to two months according to a tradesman comparison site.

A Granny Annexe

Again, there are no standard measurements for a granny annexe, as they’re quite subjective buildings. It largely depends on what it will be used for too. Some people build them on their large property and turn them into a guest house, others want their elderly parents nearby where they can care for them.

The guidance is that you should expect to pay around £90,000 and you will need planning permission. As you’re essentially building another house on your land, you will need to allow for that when it comes to construction times, especially if you’re working with several different contractors. Six months is a suggested timeframe, it can take longer, but it’s unlikely to be completed in under six months.

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