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Great Uses for Your Large Garden Room

Having a large garden room is a real asset to any property. It provides extra space, can be a wonderful place to entertain and has limitless uses if you’re feeling creative.

One of the main positives of a large garden room is that it creates extra living space. This can be done by either using it as another room to relax, entertain, or work in, or use it as a place for storage to free up an extra room inside your home.

If you’re a little bit stuck for ideas on how you should be using this extra room, then look no further! Below are some fabulous ways to use your garden room to get the most out of your home.

Large Garden Room Ideas

Whatever your family situation or lifestyle, there’s bound to be some inspiration on the list below. Whether you’re got a young kids at home, or you live alone and simply love to spread out, these ideas have got you covered.

Outdoor playroom

Having children is a messy affair. If you’re not cleaning chocolatey handprints off your walls, you’re picking up the trail of destruction your small human has left behind. Using your large garden room as a playroom might be just the answer. After breakfast, head down the garden and spend the day playing in the room you’ve reserved just for the kids. Not only does it help keep your main living room a tidy and relaxing space for adults, it means you’re less likely to lose jigsaw pieces and parts of sets if you keep them all in one place.

Large garden room office

Whether you work from home full-time, or just occasionally when it’s busy in the office, having a dedicated workspace makes all the difference. A large office in your garden can be a peaceful environment to plough through your workload. Free from interruption and with zero commute, an office in your garden a fantastic choice for any career-minded individual.

large garden room sitting room

Extra sitting room

A household with teenagers or grown-up children can mean there are regular fights over the TV and limited space to entertain. By turning your garden room into a sitting room, you’re creating more space to relax and get control of the remotes. A secluded room away from the kids can make for a wonderful place to relax. Alternatively, send your teens and their friends to your outdoor sitting room so they don’t take up your main living space.

Hobby Den

Hobbies are a great way to unwind, but they can take up a lot of space. A garden room doubles up as a place to indulge in your hobby and a great place for storage. Keeping your equipment in the same place that you work on your hobbies allows you to immerse yourself in your project without interruption. This in turn makes allows for a productive yet relaxing time.

Gaming Room

Any gamer will admit that gaming can be a noisy hobby. Once that headset is on, it may not come off until the early hours. Strategy and gameplay may well need to be discussed for hours on end depending on how addictive the game is. Having the volume on low or speaking quietly can take away from some-of the excitement. This is why it might be best to give your gamer their own space – out of earshot!

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Large Garden Room

We’ve previously discussed small garden rooms, small gardens and how to truly utilise the space you have but what if space isn’t an issue for you? What if you have plenty of outdoor space at your disposal and you want to build a large garden room? I’m sure many people would sit here and say well, where’s the problem? You’re the lucky one being able to choose whatever you like and, to a certain extent, they would be right except, there are still plenty of things to consider and as we all know, size isn’t everything!

You Don’t Have to Go OTT on your large garden room

The very first thing to note here is that even though you may have a lot of garden space in which to accommodate a large garden room, the last thing you want to do is overpower that with a huge building that sticks out like a sore thumb. You still want your new garden room to be within keeping of your style and garden themes. Like with people who choose smaller garden rooms, we would still advise mapping your building out on the lawn using rope and pegs prior to making any final decisions. By doing this you will be able to get a true feel for the size and space your garden room will be taking up. Also fully discuss your size ideas with the chosen company as they will be able to further advise and give their own pros and cons forward. An investment like this should be carefully thought about before jumping into. 

large garden room
long narrow garden path


If you are going for a larger garden room, you will need to carefully consider the location for this. A large structure in the middle of the lawn may not look quite right for your property and you will also want to think about the long-term too. Will you be looking to sell in the future? Would a large garden room on the middle of the lawn put potential buyers off? Is there a more suitable location for it that would allow you to enjoy your garden as well as your new building? Would this also be more fitting for selling on? Think about how your family may also grow and the extra space you may need for them. A build is a big decision and it needs to fit in with your plans for now and also for the future. 

Other areas to consider would include not being too close to a tree that may further grow and cause issues down the line, not choosing a spot that is too shady, thinking about how far away it should be from a neighbours boundary and finding a position that could be easily accessed perhaps via more than one way e.g. across the garden but also via a side path maybe?


What you want to use your garden room for will also have an impact on the final size and the location of it. A larger garden room could easily hold a swimming pool, a gym, be a party room, an exercise studio or living quarters. It could also be a multi-use room and you could think sectioning areas off to provide a dedicated hobby space for every member of the family. Or why not consider clever ways to transform it? A dining table that turns into a pool table, for example, could mean that your quiet dinner party could transform into a fun games party later on in the evening. Adding a bar, a chill-out section, video games corner would mean that your large garden room would benefit every guest you invite over. This would all need careful planning prior to your build beginning and we would advise talking through all of these with the company you have chosen too. They may have further clever suggestions for you to consider. 


Opting for a larger garden room will also mean that you will need to think about the amount of light that would be required. Small garden rooms tend to come with bi-folding doors and several windows as standard but a large garden room will require far more than this. You may want longer bi-folding doors, perhaps a second door (which may be required for fire risk reasons too), windows all around the building to allow that light to flood in or even skylights to really maximise on it? 

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Outdoor Decking Area

As this large garden room will be taking up more outdoor space, you will also want to think about how you can tie the two areas together for a seamless look. One way for achieving this would be to opt for a larger decking area. This would be the perfect place to bring some of your garden into your garden room. By adding plant pots, window boxes, fairy lights, large planters and ornaments you can create a space that looks as though it was always meant to be there. 

When choosing a large garden room you will be adding both style and value to your current property and by doing it carefully and by following our points, you will have a space you will love for years to come. 

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