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Light Into Your Garden Room

Ways to Successfully Bring Light Into Your Garden Room

One of the advantages of garden rooms is that they can soak up all the wonderful natural sunlight entering your garden which can have an amazing affect on productivity and mood, but what is the best way to light your garden room? 

Bringing light into your garden room: Doors and glazing are key

When you start designing your garden room you will need to make a lot of decisions about what you want to include, how large you want it to be, how you want the inside to look and how you want the exterior to appear from your home. Fortunately all of these decisions can be made easier with a design tool so you can play with different looks and layouts.

It can be easy to forget the practical aspects, like how your garden room will be lit in both the daytime and night-time. There are several options for both interior lighting and external lighting, as well as different options for glazing which can bring in much needed natural light. 

Light Your Garden Room

The most popular way of getting lots of natural light into your garden room is typically through the choice of large, bifold or sliding doors which allow for lots of natural light entering your garden room from floor to ceiling. It can help to make your garden room look more spacious too, flowing effortlessly into your garden space through wide open doors.

However, if you prefer to have more privacy in your garden room – perhaps you want to utilise it as an office space, or a cosy den or treatment room – and want a smaller door opening, there are several other ways to bring light into your garden room. 

If you have a sloped roof, it is possible to opt for skylights to bring in direct sunlight to your garden room.

Many garden room owners who chose to have a flat roof or eco-roof use custom glazing panels for a section of wall, to bring more light into the room. These can be look wonderful, as you can showcase quirky furnishings or interesting items in your window space. It can also make the inside of your garden room look more natural, as you will be able to see out into your garden space or look onto some greenery if you nestle your garden room in beautiful shrubbery as a perfect garden escape. 

Other ways to light your garden room

Natural light is all well and good during the day, but as it turns into evening you’re going to need additional illumination. Fortunately all of our insulated garden rooms come with electricity installed inside and outside so that you can choose how you want to light your garden room.

For the interior of your garden room, spotlights or downlights are good choices if you want a brightly lit space.

If you want to have something more that gives it the wow factor, you can choose to have pendant lights to light your garden room. They work well in kitchen areas and above tables, so if you’re using your garden room to entertain they may be a good option. Wall lights are another great way to create a certain ambience in your garden room, being able to cast shadows across the room in a sleek style. There are lots of ways you can light the interior of your garden room, and the choice you make will be completely up to your tastes and the purpose of your garden room. 

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