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3 Simple Ways to Maintain Your Garden Room Once It’s Installed

Now that you have your garden room installed, your thoughts may turn to how you can maintain it over the years. Thankfully, a garden room is built to the same spec as your home and with high-quality materials which makes it fairly easy to care for but here are 3 simple ways to maintain that you should bear in mind.


Here at Modern Garden Rooms, our buildings are externally made using a western red cedar timber cladding which is pre-treated to protect against the elements. This look gives a warm and vibrant feel to the garden room and with time it will gradually fade to shades of grey, blending in with its surroundings. In order to keep that first red colour, you can choose a natural oil wood stain which is available in most hardware stores.

To keep the exterior protected over the years we recommend you use a water seal protection product every 5-7 years.

Other ways to help to maintain the outside of your garden room include, cutting back grass and weeds so not to cause damp at the base, cutting back overhanging bushes or trees, regularly checking for cracks in the wood, keeping the gutter cleared and fixing any problems at the first signs.


Just like the inside of your home, you will also need adequate ventilation in order to maintain your garden room properly. This will help to prevent issues such as damp, mould, moisture build-up and will keep the air clean and fresh. You can achieve this by simply opening a window or door every now and then to allow air in and out, by making sure that your air vents on the windows are left open and also by using a dehumidifier if required.

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Our roofing panels and profiles are produced to form an insulated roof system that meets the modern need to create energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing buildings. This should do well to last for 20 years and as long as you do keep those overhanging trees cut back and nothing is above it to cause damage. To keep on top of this maintenance we would just recommend that you check over the durability of your roof, making sure there are no tears or exposed areas every now and then (often after winter is the best time as this is when damage from changes in weather can occur). Remember to remove any debris, moss, clean away any green areas and as we mentioned before, keep your gutters clear to prevent water collecting.

And lastly, just simply repair things as and when they require it.

If you take good care of your garden room, it can last a long time and will need very little maintenance from you over the years.

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