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make the most of your garden space

7 Projects To Make The Most Of Your Garden Space

Our garden’s give us the space to be able to relax, to unwind, to enjoy a hobby and get closer to nature which is why making the most of them is so important. By creating a garden you love, you will be creating a space that you will always be drawn to and studies show that those who spend more time outdoors have better mental health and well-being. Here are our 7 projects that will help you to make the most of your garden space.


Your patio area is usually the key area of your garden. The place where you can sit and look at your outdoor space, a place to eat and drink and a place to entertain. This area can easily start to look drab if you begin to ignore it but with a little regular TLC, you could have one that will wow everybody who steps out onto it. The top jobs to keep on top of are:

  • Removing weeds
  • Power washing the slabs
  • Cleaning plant pots
  • Sweeping regularly
  • Planting brightly coloured flowers which will fill empty space, attract insects and create a focal point
  • Using hanging baskets on the walls around it
  • Re-painting furniture that has seen better days
make the most of your garden space


Fences either look awful or amazing, there isn’t usually an in-between here. Winter weather can wreak havoc with our UK fences and investing in a good solid wood, paying for an expert to fit them and keeping them in tip-top condition with an all-weather paint is a great way to ensure that your fences will continue to look good all year round.

Evergreens and Perennials

Pretty seasonal flowers are lovely at the time, but they just don’t last very long and once they die off, you are left with gaping holes in your garden design. It is, therefore, really important to incorporate plenty of evergreens into your outdoor space. Trees and bushes that stay green all year will provide a good backdrop to your blooms and will make your garden to appear lusher all year round. When it comes to choosing your plants and flowers, pick perennials over those seasonal as much as you can. Your local garden centre will be able to help you with this but great options include Lavender, Ferns, Salvia, Evergold, Hosta and Asters.


A garden cannot be complete without a luscious green lawn. Make sure you take the time during the winter to rake up any rotting leaves, in the spring give it a good first cut, check for any damage and add seeds where required and then in the summer keep it well watered. Regular care will lead to a fantastic lawn for the whole family to enjoy.

Garden Room

Adding a garden room to your outdoor space will not only give you another way to enjoy your garden but it will also provide more room for the family, a dedicated space for a hobby and it may even add value to your house. There is a wide range of choice available on the market from cube shapes to cabins, summer houses or rendered garden rooms and each can be tailored to all of your needs. 

Go Wild!

Sorry, no I don’t mean have a wild party, I mean allow things to grow wildly and attract that wildlife back in. Seed bombs are a great way to sow wildflowers in an instant. You just sit back and wait for those beautiful meadow flowers to spring up. Or why not leave one area to just grow as nature intended? No pruning, no weeding, no intervention whatsoever. Choose one corner to flourish in a natural way and watch as insects and birds flood to it. Another way of bringing wildlife in is by building a birdhouse, a bird table or a bug house. All take very little effort but will bring life back.


And finally, you want to be able to enjoy your garden space even into the evening which means that lighting is going to be a very important addition. Luckily there are plenty of options available to you, some pretty, some functional, some romantic, some for security. You can also choose from solar, battery-powered or electric, candles or even the use of a fire pit, the hardest part will be deciding! As for location, you can add lighting to your garden room, along a pathway, on your fence, hang lanterns from trees, have fairy lights on a trellis and then save your stronger lighting for the patio area. Allowing you to enjoy your garden all through the day and into the night.

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