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Tips for Setting Up a Man Cave Garden Cabin

Setting up a man cave garden cabin is relatively easy. It’s likely you’ll only need a few creature comforts to create the ideal man cave in your garden. If you have an existing garden room, your job will be even easier!

Some garden rooms lend themselves better to creating a little getaway spot than others. Basic wooden sheds, for example, have long been a place of solace for the ‘man of the house’, but these structures tend to be very cold in winter.

A purpose-built garden room can usually be turned into anything you like. If you’ve got power and heat, you’re halfway there. Garages are another popular choice, when it comes to creating a comfy corner of your own. 

Whatever structure you start with will need to be adapted in its own way. It’s possible you might need to do a small amount of research to make sure it’s safe. Once you’ve decided on where your man cave garden cabin will be, it’s time to make it usable.

What Your Man Cave Garden Cabin Needs

While tastes vary, creating a special space to kick back in will always need the things on the list below. Treat it as a checklist and make sure you make a shopping list for anything you’re missing.

A man cave garden cabin needs light

It’s all well and good setting up a sacred space just for you and any guests you may want over, but if there’s no lighting, it’s not likely to be much fun. For starters you won’t be able to see your guest, or even your seating!

Lighting is an absolute minimum. Without lighting, it reduces the usability of your extra sitting room to purely daytime hours. Most gardern structures will have a power supply, so make sure your lighting is working.

Tips for Setting Up a Man Cave Garden Cabin

Heating is a must

Much like the lighting, heating is essential for comfort. Without either (or maybe even one), you’ll only really be able to enjoy your garden room for about 6 days a year when summer hits the UK. 

If you’re repurposing a garage or a building that was never designed to be a sitting room, a small space heater might well do the trick. Consider any possible fire hazards before setting up a heating source.

Seating is essential

Your man cave garden cabin is unlikely to be the relaxing retreat you envisage if there’s nowhere to sit. You don’t have to spend a fortune on seating, but it helps if you have something comfy and convenient. The old sofa out the lounge might do the job if you’re not looking spend anything, but if you’re in the market for something a bit newer, charity shops and discount furniture shops are a great place to start your search.

Plan to entertain

Once your man cave is set up with lighting, heating and seating, you’ll need to find something to do. If all you’re looking for is peace and quiet, then you might be quite content with a book and a bear or your favourite playlist booming into your earbuds.

If the plan was always to entertain in your garden cabin, you’ll need something to entertain with. If you’re got a power supply to the garden room a TV and a games console is always a winner. Alternatively, if gaming or TV isn’t really your thing, you could turn the man cave into a bar. It doesn’t need to be fancy, just a well-stocked bar trolley and a few different glasses should be enough to ensure both the drink and the conversation flows.

Man cave garden cabin

Why All Dads Need a Man Cave Garden Cabin

Becoming a father doesn’t mean you need to say goodbye to your dream of having a man cave garden cabin. In fact, it’s probably the best time to invest in one!

Let’s face it, parenting can be hard. It’s certainly rewarding, but it’s important to acknowledge parents need some ‘me’ time too. Children’s toys can take over the house and make it feel like there’s no ‘grown up’ spaces any more. Even if your house is lucky enough to have an adults-only sitting room, it’s unlikely your partner will finding watching you play Fifa as enjoyable as you find actually playing it. 

For everyone’s sanity, you need a space of your own – which is where a man cave garden cabin comes in.

Reasons Dads Need a Man Cave Garden Cabin

If you’re considering a man cave, chances are you’re already sold on the idea. While you might question whether your need to go as far as setting up a garden cabin, there a lots of reasons it makes sense. Below are a few of the best.

Man cave garden cabin

A garden room is quieter

When your children are young, a lot of time is spent tiptoeing around the house in the hope you won’t wake the little ones. There’s the risk that you so much as blink too loud, and the kids will wake up.

Setting up a man cave garden cabin give you physical distance from the children and means it’s less likely you’ll be accused of waking baby. Watching TV or gaming in a garden room means you can turn the volume up and relax without worrying about being too loud. 

On the flip side, the room will be quieter for you. If you need to work during the day, you might get chance to slip away and work in peace. The sound of your children’s laughter is magical, but can be disruptive if you’re trying to concentrate on other things.

Having your own space is important for your wellbeing

Although having a room of your own is a luxury, creating your own space on your property is important. While most people occupy a corner of the lounge or set up a reading nook, if you have the means to build a garden room, it will be great for your mental wellbeing. 

Of course, calling it your man cave is fun, it can also be a space you and your partner can share – taking it in turns to have some time away from parenting.

You can have friend over without waking the kids

Entertaining when you have kids can be hard. If you have friends over when they’re in bed, it can be hard not to wake them. Laughter travels easily and can rouse light sleepers. 

Of course, sending the kids to spend the night at the grandparents is an option if you want to host a party, but a casual catch up feels like you’re wasting a babysitter. Instead, you can take some drinks and snacks to the garden room and enjoy the company of friends while the kids sleep soundly.

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