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Transform Your Garden Room into a Modern Home Office

A modern home office is a dream come true for many business owners who work from home. It’s not unusual to set up a business that you can do entirely from home, or work in an office that allows work-from-home days. Whatever the reason your daily grind is in your home, there’s no denying you need your own space.

It’s more common now than it ever has been to have a garden room. They’re a cheaper and easier to build investment than an extension. Garden rooms also look classy and have a power supply, heating and insulation. This means they can be used for almost anything – including a modern home office.

How to Transform You Garden Room into a Modern Home Office

You might already have a garden room that needs to be repurposed. You might be considering having one built, and be be wondering how easy it is to change its function. Whatever you use your garden room for, it’s easy to turn it into a modern home office.

Turn Your Gaming Room into a Modern Home Office

Depending on what type of gaming you’re into, it’s relatively easy to switch to business mode. If you’re into PC gaming, there is little need for extra equipment. As most work from home jobs only require very basic word and number programmes, your gaming PC will be able to do the trick with ease. In fact, the specs will be more than enough for you to operate word processors and spreadsheets on. 

If you’ve got a very professional gaming set up, you probably won’t need a new desk or chair. These pieces of gaming furniture are designed with comfort in mind as they’re expecting their owners to spend hours at a time using them. 

If your gaming den is set up with a TV, games console and soft furnishings, you’ll be able to slot a small desk and computer in one corner.

modern home office

Garden Sitting Room to Office is an Easy Switch

Swapping your sitting room for an office is surprisingly easy. The biggest thing you need to ask yourself is whether you want the room to be dual purpose or a full time office.

For a dual purpose sitting room and office, compact furniture is key. You need to fit your work furniture and equipment in the one room. If you use a laptop, you may not want a desk and prefer to work on the comfy seating.

However, if you’d rather swap your sitting room for an office, it’s out with the leisure and in with the business. Remove anything too plus and relaxing-looking and replace it with professional-looking furniture such as desks and filing cabinets. Empty everything that made it a sitting room and replace it with something that will help keep you focused and your business thriving.

Turn Your Garden Bedroom into a Workspace

A garden bedroom often has running water which can be a boon to an outdoor office. Switching from bedroom to workspace is a great idea, especially if the outbuilding has a toilet. This means you cans spend the day working in the outdoor office and not need anything from the main property.

With a toilet and a sink, all your needs are met (even if one of those needs is twenty cups of tea each day). It’s best to remove all of the bedroom furniture so that you’re not tempted to nap during your working day. It’s also a good idea to remove the old furniture because a bed in an office usually looks unprofessional!

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