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How to Create the Perfect Modern Summer House

A modern summer house is chic addition to any home. It’s a place to relax, entertain and even work (if you must). Basically, it’s the ultimate luxury, and you’ll wonder how you’ve ever survived up until now without owning one.

Create the Perfect Modern Summer House

First things first, to create a modern summer house, you need, well, a summer house. If you’re yet to erect the building in your garden, the good news is you have even more opportunities to make it perfect.

Build a summer house

The choice available today are amazing. A truly modern summer house will be insulated, have heating, power and lots of lovely windows. The insulated bit along with the heating is the most important thing, because it turns your summer house into a spring, autumn and winter house too. This means you’ll never miss out on an opportunity to put your feet up while you hide from your very modern life in your very modern summer house!

modern summer house

If you’re sucker for anything that deviates from traditional, designing your own summer house will seem like a dream come true. Make it as big or small as you like and customise in however you see fit (within reason – they don’t levitate yet, they’re not that modern).

Decorate the inside of your summer house

Thanks to Pinterest and ‘influencers’ over on Instagram, interior fashion is changing quickly. In fact, it’s changing so quickly that no one can keep up and as a result, there is no single ‘in’ trend right now. The trend, if any, is to be yourself and do whatever works for you.

If you’re daring you can add bright colours and floaty, sheer curtains. If you prefer minimalism, white walls and neat blinds will suit your tastes. Whatever your style, the current fashion is to just go for it – although a second opinion might be in order if you’re unsure of which colours work well together.

modern summer house interiors

Choose the furniture carefully

Modern design tends to mean no vintage, so this furniture hunt should avoid any retro-looking second-hand items. One way this might be an option is if you have old furniture reupholstered to give a vintage look a modern twist.

The furniture you choose should fit in with the personality of the room. Large, plush sofas might clash with a minimalist backdrop, so consider furniture options at the time as choosing what colour to paint the walls.

Add the finishing touches

Gadgets to make your summer house more homely will add a modern touch. If you’re a big tea drinker, consider getting a one-cup kettle. Not only does it look slick, but it saves the environment too by only boiling enough water to make one cup of tea or coffee.

A smart TV will make it easy to watch Netflix, and a smart light will help you get the light back on quickly after one too many horror films. Philips Hue is a smart light that allows you to control its settings and what colour you want it to be through Alexa or Google Home, so you’d better add smart speaker to your list too!

Going for the decor you like, modern furniture and brand new tech should result in your summer house being perfectly modern and your favourite place to be.

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