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need extra space? Get a garden cabin

Need Extra Space? Consider A Garden Cabin

When it comes to gaining extra space we often think of a loft conversion, extension, conservatory or just simply moving house but have you ever considered getting a garden cabin instead? Not only would this give you a new room, it will also provide your garden with a new feature, it could be used for a multitude of hobbies or activities plus it may actually add value to your home.

If you are in need of extra space here’s how a garden cabin could do this for you:

Home Office

This is usually the first room that springs to mind because most people who work from home have to put up with an old bedroom or the kitchen table as their home office. It is ok if you have the appropriate amount of room but if you need extra space then a garden cabin could be for you. Wouldn’t it also be amazing if you could go out to work and return home to switch off just as you would if you went to an office block? With a garden cabin, you can make all of this happen. You could create your very own home office, kit it out with all of your office needs, have a kitchenette and break area, have a separate phone number for work and at the end of the day, you could shut the door, walk back into your home and keep life and work separately.

Hobby Room

A hobby can often take up a lot of space in your home but then it deserves to really doesn’t it? Your hobby is your time to unwind, to unleash some creativity and to just be you. If your hobby is art or exercise we all know that you need that extra space to be able to do these properly and often a house doesn’t give you that. A garden cabin could be that dedicated area where you can escape and do what you love.

Need extra space for a home office building

Summer House

When I think of a summer house I always imagine soft pastels, bookcases, a reading corner, comfy cushions and beanbags and of course bunting! It’s that British look isn’t it, quaint, country and cute. This idea for your garden cabin could free up a lot of space inside of your home by moving out certain pieces of furniture, reviving old cushions or throws and rehoming books that just simply cannot fit on your bookshelf anymore. If I could have a room dedicated to reading and relaxing this would be it for me.

Gardening Room

need extra space for a gardening room

Where do you keep all of your gardening equipment? In an old shed? In a garage down the road? In a storage box? When you need extra space one of the first things we often do is split items up in order to get everything to fit but this isn’t always convenient, is it? To be able to keep all of your gardening equipment, your seedlings, your plants, compost etc in one room, you will not only be freeing up space in other areas but also creating a little gardening haven for you and your family to enjoy.

Teenage Den

One reason that we all tend to need extra space is the fact that as our children grow, so does their stuff and their hobbies and their friends!! Yep, trying to fit a large group of teenagers into a small bedroom to play video games can become a tight squeeze as they all get taller so a dedicated teenage den would be perfect. Not only would it mean you could have your house back (and the silence!) you could also move a lot of their hobby bits out to the garden cabin too.

need extra space for a teenage den?

Storage Room

This one isn’t often discussed as an option for the use of your garden room but it would solve a lot of problems you may have inside your house. If you need extra space and don’t want to throw items away or donate them, you could always use your garden cabin as a storage unit instead. It may not even be a long term thing, perhaps until your child goes off to university or to give you more time to think about which items you could do without? Whatever the reason for needing to create more space, having an extra room to store everything you don’t need right now is a luxury that many would love to have.

Is there something, in particular, you’d use a garden cabin for? Let us know!

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