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Oak Garden Rooms vs Timber Cladding Garden Rooms

Oak garden rooms can make a beautiful addition to your property, but are they the best option? Would a garden room made of timber cladding better suit your needs?

Aesthetically, oak garden rooms can create a gorgeous rustic look, but the upkeep and cost can be something else! Often, where oak garden rooms can spring to mind as a solution for your extra space needs, timber cladding rooms can be a better fit.

Garden rooms made from timber cladding will give a more modern look. Aside from how they look, they’re likely to have a modern finish too, with power, heat, insulation and WiFi access. They are also likely to be much cheaper, require less maintenance and offer more versatile uses.

Oak Garden Rooms vs Modern Garden Rooms

If your heart is set on an oak garden room, it may be sensible to consider what building one will entail. If what you’re really after is a structure that will give you extra space and endless options, something made of timber cladding might be better suited (and cheaper).

Below are some points to consider before making your mind up. Both structures have prod and cons, but needs and preferences will guide you to your final choice.

Oak Garden Rooms Can Involve a Lot of Upkeep

Properly looking after oak involves regular maintenance. If you don’t mind a ‘little and often’ approach, then the upkeep can be kept on top of – if you have the time to do it. All of the woodwork needs to be scrubbed with wire wool, oiled and preserved every time it starts to look a little worn. If this is neglected it can cause the timber to rot. To prevent this, a complete re-coat will be needed at least every 5 years.

Cladded Garden Rooms Can Require Less Maintenance

Aside from cleaning the room as regularly as you’d clean the rest of your house, maintenance intervals can be up to 15 years apart, depending on the chosen finish. These rooms tend to look newer for longer and involve very little upkeep in comparison to oak rooms.

Oak Rooms Let Lots of Natural Light In

One of the major things that draws people to getting an oak room is how light and airy they feel. Usually they are made up of lots of windows creating a gorgeous sun room. The only downside to this is that these rooms can easily overheat in hot weather. Another problem is that they can be quite chilly in the cool weather, even if they are heated. Having windows instead of walls means the room allows for less insulation. This might mean your oak garden room isn’t that easy to use all year round.

Cladded Garden Rooms Might Be Better Suited to All Seasons

Garden rooms built with cladding tend to be well insulated and have fewer windows than their oak room counterparts. Fewer windows tends to mean the room is less likely to overheat in very hot weather, while the insulation will keep the warmth in on cold days. These rooms still let lots of light in and are suitable for many uses (such as sitting rooms, offices, hobby sheds and much more). 

Before making your final decision, there are a few key things to bear in mind. The biggest being what your budget is and how well you’ll keep on top of maintenance. After that, consider what you’ll be using the room for, and different heat conditions will change things. It’s always best to consult with an expert before getting your heart set on something.

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