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Make Home Working Work With a New Office Garden Room

Working from home can seem like the ultimate way to earn a living to some, but the reality is that you are often faced with problems. Problems such as, not having the space for a dedicated office, using a room which has other functions (the living room being one of the worst), the constant reminder of housework that needs attention and of course, the hustle and bustle from everybody else who lives with you. One solution that can provide an ideal workspace that will meet your every need is a a new office garden room and here’s why…


With no distractions from inside the house or from other people, having an office garden room should increase your productivity overnight . You will be able to take the time to focus on the job at hand, to quietly plan your day, to organise your desk and get to grips with your venture.

Dedicated Space

This is a workspace just for you. You can plan it out as you need, you can add all the equipment and materials that you need in your line of work and you will have the space to store it all too. No longer will you be tripping over boxes, struggling to keep all of your paperwork safe, longing for worktop space to lay everything out that you need. The dedicated office will provide you with all of this and more!

privacy in new office garden room


If the work you do is quite sensitive, it is important to have an office where documents can be safely and securely stored, where delicate matters can be discussed and phone calls can remain private. Office garden rooms come with insulation and soundproofing as standard which means you will not be disturbed by anyone.

Clear Your Mind

One of the best things about having a garden office pod has to be the view! When you are stuck in an office block or in a cramped room inside your home, it can really begin to affect your mood and positivity. It can be easy to feel low, trapped and like you are in a rat race, but with a garden pod, you can literally look out onto green areas with flowers, perhaps a water feature, decking, plant pots? And you can step out of those bi-folding doors at any moment you choose to get a breath of fresh air and rejuvenate yourself. You wouldn’t get this anywhere else.

Room To Move

This will depend on the job you do but it is always a good idea to be able to have the freedom to just be able to get and move throughout the working day. If you are using the office garden room as a yoga studio or art studio you will most probably be moving a great deal but if it is for office work, you know you will be sitting for the majority of the time. The beauty of having your own space is that you can get up and walk around at any time you choose. You could design the layout of your furniture to create a flow walk around it all, you could include a standing desk to alter where you work from throughout the day, I mean, you could even have an area for relaxation, stretching and movement to help to break up the working day and to re-awaken yourself.

Varied Working Hours

Because your office garden room will remain quiet, private and ready for you at any given time, you can easily choose when your working hours are. If you work from inside your home you may be tied to children coming home from school, the noise of people coming in and out in almost shifts, the room you are using being occupied by somebody else and so on. With your office, all of this is removed and if you wanted to start work at 7am and end early you could and if you wanted to go out there at 10pm to finish something off this is also achievable. 

new office garden room


It looks so much more professional to be able to hold meetings in a dedicated office garden room over your kitchen table inside your house or at the local coffee shop. You will be able to feel proud and confident that your new garden office will provide a perfect meeting place for any client. 

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