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Office in The Garden? A Dream Come True For Entrepreneurs!

Considering an office in the garden? It’s the perfect place to run a business! Every entrepreneur knows that if you’re serious about your business, you need somewhere serious to work from. Whether you commandeer a spare room, rent commercial office space or even re-purpose your shed, a dedicated business space is a must.

An office of your own means your business has its own space to expand. Shared areas might save money but they can cause problems. For instance, files might get lost, or it might not be safe to leave your equipment or confidential information over night. Other workers in the shared space might be difficult to work near. Or your shared space might not be an office at all, but a room in your home that other people use for non-work related things. This can make an office in the garden seem like a dream option.

Should you get an office in the garden?

The quickest and simplest way for your business to have its own space is to build and office in the garden. Garden rooms are a structure that don’t cause a great deal of upheaval, can be built in a few days and don’t cost the earth. They’re a great way to gain space quickly.

If you’re considering getting a garden office, here are some reasons why you definitely should.

An office in the garden is a great place to take clients

Working from home is great for keeping expenses low, but not ideal for seeing clients. Having an office in the garden provides a professional setting for business meetings. While a lot of home-based workers conduct business meetings over lunch or coffee, that’s not always possible. A garden office allows meetings to take place at any time – even out of office hours (which might win your brownie points from your customers).

Office in the garden

A garden room has great security

Garden rooms are secure buildings with lockable windows and doors. This makes them a safe place to keep office equipment and confidential files. A garden room is the perfect place to keep anything of value to your business. It’s better than a shared office space as no one else has access to the room, meaning items are unlikely to go missing or get broken when you’re not paying attention. Having a private, secure space to work could save your business money in the long run. It could even bring down your insurance premium.

It’s a lovely place to work

Is there anyone out there who isn’t sick of long commutes and inner-city offices? Yes – but only the people who work from home. A workplace metres away from your back door is the ideal location. Your walk to work saves time allowing you to spend more time building your business, or winding down – the choice is yours!

An added bonus is that your office is located in your garden. This means you can spend all day looking out upon flowers, greenery and any wildlife that stops by. Having a beautiful view out of your office window can help reduce stress and increase productivity, and if you need a break, you can always sit in the sun!

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