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Outbuilding Ideas Which Will Add Value to Your Property

Everybody wants their home to be worth as much as possible ready for when the time comes to sell. Once you’ve finished making the inside perfect, you’re bound to be searching for outbuilding ideas to help increase your home’s value.

It’s always best to build a garden outbuilding that will be of use to you while you’re living at the property. Selling might only be an idea for the future, so you don’t want to spend lots of money on a structure you’ll have no immediate use for.

Different types of outbuildings add different value to your home, so think carefully before you invest. Make sure you’ll get back the building costs, and ideally turn a profit.

Outbuilding Ideas and the Value They Add to Your Home

Not all outbuildings are created equal (in size, shape or value). That’s why you’ll be needing this guide to help you decide on what’s best for you.

If you have your heart set on a structure that you’ll use a lot but won’t add much value, then there’s a case for following your heart. Alternatively, if increasing property value is your biggest desire from this project, then make sure you choose wisely. 

A Conservatory

The first thought for many is to have a structure that is a hybrid of a garden room and an extension. It’s attached to your house, so there’s no effort to get to it and it can be handy addition to your home. Be aware that a conservatory will only add value if it is designed, built and integrated well. Poor workmanship or cheap, flimsy materials can have a negative impact on value because of the perceived costs of rectifying the structure.

outbuilding ideas include a conservatory

A Garden Room

As outbuilding ideas go, a garden room is one of the best bets. It’s a way to add a room to your property without the inconvenience of planning permission or building an extension. The initial outlay can vary depending on size, cladding options and other variables.

If you’re looking for a structure that will be used a lot during your time at this property, then a garden room is your best bet. Turn it into anything you want, from a sitting room to an office, or even an extra bedroom!

Overall, this type of outbuilding is very versatile and considered to be a hassle-free way to add value to your property.

A Garage

These days most families will have at least one car, meaning properties with a garage are very in demand. If your home doesn’t have a garage, but you’ve been toying with building one, it could be a great idea!

Building a garage will not only give you somewhere to store your transport, it could make your house much easier to sell when the time comes. It’s estimated that garages can add a whopping £11,000 to the sale price of a house! Another positive is that it can even reduce car insurance down if you regularly park in the garage over night!

outbuilding ideas - a shed

A shed

Building a shed might be on your list of outbuilding ideas, but it really shouldn’t be! If you’re hoping to increase your property value, that’s not something a shed will do for you. Although often useful, sheds don’t demand a higher sale price when it comes to selling your home.

Most sheds don’t have foundations and some people even take them with them when they move! If you think a shed would be handy for your needs, then it’s worth building one. Sadly, it adds no financial value, but at least you can always take it with you.

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