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Outdoor Office Pods Could Be The Best Way To Work

Whether you work for yourself or a larger company, working from outdoor office pods could be the secret to productivity.

If 2020 showed us anything, it allowed us to see the traditional office set-up was no longer necessary for most professions. The need to work remotely pushed people to find different ways to collaborate on projects. Nobody needs to be in the office every day.

The modern work setting has been forced to change, so it makes sense that people are building outdoor office pods.

Who Are Outdoor Office Pods For?

Traditionally, office pods have been a huge asset to people who work from home. People who work from home are generally either self-employed or business owners who need dedicated space for their jobs.

In recent years many larger businesses have taken modern approach to management and allowed staff to work from home more. Those who spend a lot of time working from home find it a huge boon to have an outdoor pod to work from in their garden. Most people who regularly work from home will have some form of office set up.

Now that workplaces have established that employees don’t need to be on the premises to do a good job, it’s predicted there will be a surge of people working from home. This in turn will mean large office spaces are no longer needed, and people are more likely to invest in the office at home.

outdoor office pods

The Benefits of Working From Home

It is thought that working from home (at least some of the time) can create greater job satisfaction. Working form a home office is no longer just for business owners. There are cases to be made to allow employees to work from home on days their presence in the office isn’t a necessity.

From the worker’s point of view, they tend to get a better work-life balance and are glad of the savings they make by not commuting. Cutting out the travel time and allowing for flexible working hours means  workers gain more free time around their working day. It also means they can start earlier in the morning and work at their most productive times. This can mean they are happier in their jobs and more likely to stay with their employer for longer.

Employees can benefit from this too. For starters, if they workers are trusted away from the office, lower costs will be associated with the workspace. It might even be beneficial to downsize the work area. Studies have also shown that employees that are trusted to self-motivate tend to be more productive than in a shared office environment with supervisors watching over them.

Should You Get an Outdoor Office Pod?

If you spend a lot of time working from home, an office set up is essential. If you repurpose a spare room, then that should do the trick. Otherwise, if you house is a little crowded and space is hard to come by, it’s likely dedicated office space will help you out.

Business owners can often count all or part of the cost as a business expense. This reduces their profits and can lead to a lower tax bill. 

Employees working from home can still benefit from office space. A quiet room separate to the house will help create a mental divide between work and leisure time. A physical distance between work and home can help stop employees ‘switch off’ during times in the day they’re not being paid to work.

While the cost of building a garden room will involve an initial outlay, outdoor pods are pretty versatile. It can work as an office in the day and a garden bar during the evening. An outdoor office can even be repurposed as a hobby room after retirement.

Before going ahead, it’s a good idea to weigh up the costs with how much you’d use a garden pod. Seeking advice from your accountant is also advised if you’re a business owner. You may want to discuss what this would building a garden office would mean for your accounts, profits and assets.

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