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outdoor wall murals for the garden

Outdoor Wall Murals For The Garden

When we think of a garden with boundaries we usually imagine brick walls, concrete walls, fences, bamboo screens and so on but why are we all so keen to stick to the ‘safe’ options? The garden is an extension of our home and also a place where we can allow creativity to flow. You add flair and design to your flower beds, you carefully decide which patio to go for, you colour coordinate areas to make them aesthetically pleasing and you may even have a whole theme going on throughout so why not let this spill over onto those walls and boundaries and even onto garden buildings? Have you ever considered outdoor wall murals for the garden?

What Is An Outdoor Wall Mural?

An outdoor wall mural for the garden is a piece of artwork which is usually painted onto exposed walls or garden buildings. You can choose whether or not this artwork fills the entire space, whether parts are covered with creeping plants or if you want a small image or a large, bold statement; the choice is all yours. What a mural is there to do is to draw the eye to an area that may usually be overlooked and to bring the onlooker into the story you are trying to tell in your outdoor space. 

How Can I Have an Outdoor Wall Mural in My Garden?

With something as artistic and big as this your first thoughts may go to getting a professional in. And yes, there are plenty of designers, artists and creative people out there who would be able to do this for you. If you’d want to go down this route I’d start by doing some research on local artists and see how they fare in their reviews. However, the garden is a place for your own creativity and even if you don’t have an artistic flair, I don’t see why this should hold you back in trying to paint an outdoor wall mural yourself…

outdoor wall mural

How Do I Paint My Own Wall Mural?

For starters, you will need to plan and plan well. Take into consideration the space you want to cover, how large you’d like your mural to be and of course, your design. There are so many amazing ideas online, so do your full research before committing to your final piece. 

Next, you will need to plan your outdoor wall mural on a large piece of paper. Begin by sectioning it off into even-sized grids. Each grid will allow you to break the design down when it comes to actually painting on the wall itself. 

Use your ideas to begin drawing your chosen design. This may change as you work your way across the paper, but that’s ok, you want a piece that speaks to you and perhaps one that is personal? Your artistic skills may not be great but that shouldn’t be something to hold you back. This wall mural is going to be unique and you are the only person who can make it with a little piece of you added in.

outdoor wall murals for the garden

Once your design is complete you can begin work on your wall.

First off, make sure the wall is clean, as smooth as you can get it and is free from green, moss, bugs and so on. A wash down with soap and water should leave you with a nice surface to get started on but if your wall has seen better days, you may want to power wash it, remove any existing paint with a scraper and give it a new white base coat for a clean start.

Ensure that all the paints you use are either acrylic or oil-based. As your wall mural is outdoors in your garden, it will be open to all elements and these will weather the paint over time. Water-based paints will wash away very quickly, you want a durable paint that will see you through the test of time. 

Once this is all done you can take your grid and begin your work on your wall. By working from one grid to another you should now be able to keep your design in perspective, prevent yourself from running out of space and also from trailing off centre. Now, this is going to take time but allow this to become a new project and hobby. Do not rush through it, definitely plan it for the better days and keep a protective cover such as tarpauling nearby in case of any downpours– we all know the British weather loves to test us!!

Ensure you allow each coat to fully dry before adding the next and take your time layering the paint to achieve the colour you want. 

Looking After Your Wall Mural

Once completed, you will want to take good care of your outdoor wall mural in order to keep it looking it’s best for as long as possible. It may be worth your while to keep the colours you have chosen, in a shed or to note them down for future reference. This will allow you to easily top up any worn areas quickly and easily. A idea to help your mural to last is to add a coating of clear varnish over the top to provide some extra protection and to also cover it up in the wetter and colder months if possible.

And now you can sit back and enjoy your outdoor wall murals for the garden and feel very impressed with your efforts at the same time!

Do you have outdoor wall murals in your garden? Is it something you’d ever consider? We’d love to see your designs!

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