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Outside Buildings to Enhance Your Garden

Outside buildings can be useful addition to any garden, especially if you have any hobbies. If you’re a homeowner who loves a bit of home improvement, an outside building might well be on your mind. 

Those with a large garden might even be considering garden buildings, plural. Why stop at just one when different garden structures can serve different purposes? Two, three, or even four outdoor rooms can enhance your garden and turn your home into a relaxing haven.

Outside Buildings to Enhance Your Garden

If you are consider adding a garden building (or two) to your property, then check out the list below before making any final decisions. You might soon discover you need more rooms than you’d planned for!

‘Fixed’ Outside Buildings

Buildings on this list are likely to stay-put once they’ve been built. They are designed to be permanent structures and the price will reflect that.

A Garage

A garage is a great investment as a multi-purpose outside building. Most people use garages to park their car in overnight, store bikes, scooters and other light vehicles, and use for general household storage too.

If you know you’re looking for storage, a garage is fantastic for general use.

A Garden Room

For somewhere to spend hours either working or for leisure time, a garden room is a safe bet. Made liveable by an electricity supply, uPVC glazing and insulation, a garden room is a perfect solution for anyone who could do with an extra room in their house.

A Conservatory

Although a conservatory is attached to your house, it should still be included in this list as it technically comes under the umbrella of ‘outside buildings.’ This structure sits somewhere between getting and extension and building a separate garden room. It can give you more room in your house and at the same time, create a space the lets a lot of sunlight in.

A Summer House

A traditional summerhouse can be a beautiful addition to any garden. Make it as quaint and picturesque as your garden allows by surrounding it with flowers, solar lights and any other garden decor to enhance its look.

A Shed

If taking pride in your garden means you’ve invested in a lot of equipment, a shed can be a great place to store it. Sheds come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, so it’s best to assess your needs before you commit.

different types of outside buildings

Movable Outside Structures

Unlike fixed buildings, these portable structures can be shifted around the garden, or dismantled and move house when you do! 

Collapsible Greenhouse

Not all greenhouses are made of glass. If you’re thinking of giving your plants a flying start or growing your own tomatoes, a polytunnel greenhouse may be just the thing. Made of plastic instead of glass, they do the exact same job a regular greenhouse does, but can be moved.


Popular with hot tub owners, gazebos cane be put up and packed away with ease. If a hot tub isn’t your style, it might be handy for when you host a barbecue. They can provide a great shield from the weather and probably hold more people than your lounge!

Portable Garage

A portable garage is exactly what you might imagine it to be. It’s a waterproof tent that is designed to protect your car or van from the elements.

Wooden Bike Shed

This is a small wooden structure that can be placed anywhere in the garden (and moved anywhere else). Unsurprisingly, its main function is to store bikes. It can be locked with a padlock and will keep your bike safer than simply leaving it out in the garden all night.

After stopping to consider which outside buildings will help and enhance your garden, you might just need a bigger garden!

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